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Best 7 seater vehicles under $12,000 on the market... SA or VIC states


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We will be buying a Kia grand carnival, look for models after 2005/2006

 OP here Why after may I ask ?
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 The models before those years blew up, they fixed that and they run really well. We test drove a 2007 model, it took round about a beautifully, wasn't too much road noise and the room ahhhhhmazing. The only reason we didn't buy it was because we wanted a model with lower KMs and a bit newer
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 I have a 2010 model grand carnival. Love it so much.
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I don't hear good things about captivas, from anyone, especially people who have bought one and had regrets

I have a Toyota tarago, it's fantastic, was 2005 and bought it for $8k about 3 years ago with less than 150,000kms.