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Mobile phones at school

Has your childs school banned the use of mobile phones this year? If so what do you think of the ban?


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I sit on school council on one of the first schools in our state to ban them in response to many parents coming up to me and saying something had to be done. Kids accepted it as they were all banned even the seniors but there were a lot of helicopter parents that could not cope.

Overall it’s been one of the best policies our school has ever adopted. I understand a lot of the very expensive private schools surrounding us are also following us in this area from response of our their parents.

My child leaves her ph at home
Don’t start saying about emergency
I survived without mobile phone

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I think they should be banned. There's no need for them. In an emergency staff can contact parents and it's too much of a temptation for distraction. Heard a lot of schools have probs with kids looking at porn on their phones in lunch & recess, exposing younger kids to it etc. OBVIOUSLY their parents should be on top of it but they're not, so the school shouldn't have to deal with it.

They’ve always been banned yet they are allowed to use them in class to take photos of work written on the board. In one lesson the teacher uses an app that transfers what she’s written to the kids phones so they don’t have to copy notes or use worksheets. I hate this tho because it’s a disadvantage to kids that don’t have phones. I’d prefer a total ban.

 At my kids' school they have school-issued laptops in senior grades & can use them to take photos of notes on the board. They're not allowed to take them home but are taught how to save their work to the cloud so they can access at home. They can access internet etc on them but it's closely monitored & inappropriate searches or downloads are flagged by IT admin.
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At the primary level...the school my son goes to requires phones to be signed into the office at the beginning of the day and signed out at the end. Having one on you results in a ban on the phone completely. My son has an exemption as he is Type 1 Diabetic and wears a constant glucose monitor which send his blood sugar levels to his phone. But that is the only reason he can use it. He doesn’t have any games on it and can’t access the wifi at school so it reduces the temptation to use it for anything else.

My oldest is in high school. They can have them but they have to be in their bags with the ringer turned off. They are allowed to use them during lunch. If they are caught using them during class they are confiscated and not returned until the end of the day.

I don't have a problem with my child taking her phone to school but I can't speak for anyone else.

I'm pretty sure they are banned now unless the teacher gives permission.
Schools gotta do something to take control of these feral kids, hope this helps

 Speak for yourself
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