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Favourite thing to cook in a slow cooker?


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The souls of my enemies. And tacos, slow cooker taco mince is so good.

Chicken and chick-pea curry. Always a winner...

 Thanks! Looks yum... ive added it to my meal plan this week!
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Corned beef, overnight steel cut oats, mexican pulled beef

Pulled pork. Lately I've been slow cooking the pork then pulling it and mixing a cajun rub with a small amount of the slow cooker juices to coat the pork with. Oh yummy stuff. I used to do a German style pork though with apples and onions and sauerkraut. But it's not the weather for it.
Other than that, I do the lamb for our greek kebabs (not the stick ones but the "holy f**k I'm so drunk I need food" ones) in the s.c. ... oh no, now I want a kebab. Damnit!

 How do you do the kebabs?
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that's the basic recipe, but I like to fiddle with it until it's to my taste.

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Stew, curries, pulled pork, roasted chicken, beef roast, ham, meatballs, sausages with pepper and onion,...