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Why do some mums keep their on call jobs or go to army ?


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Do you wonder their about some dads also?

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 ^ well, if youโ€™re wondering about mums you should dads too. Itโ€™s 2019, not 1919.
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Some careers you can't walk away from too long, it would be a waste of many years of education and working to have too long off and have to basically start again.

 Why have kids ?
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 Having Kids isn't a reason to completely give up on everything else in your life.
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Because they want to contribute to society?

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Because itโ€™s 2019 and they can ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

I assume they have considered their individual situation regarding whether they have appropriate supports in place for their children, the temperament of their children, their financial and any other considerations and have made an informed decision that for them continuing in those careers is the best course of action for themselves and their family. I have multiple children myself, with totally different temperaments. I made individual decisions based on the needs of my children at the time. Some were easy going and independent from a young age. Others I didn't work when they were young as it wasn't suitable for them.

Because they dont love their children as much as other mothers. They lack an innate, maternal love.