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Nits 😫

My worst fear has come true. My daughter has brought home nits from school.
I'd really like to avoid using chemicals on her, is there any natural ways to get rid of nits that anyone can recommend?
Please and thank you!


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Just treat it! A once off treatment to kill all the live bugs and eggs wont bloody affect the kid. Keeping the lice on her head will affect those around her though so if U do that don’t bloody send her to school.

Guys, nits are the eggs.. the big creepy crawly are LICE 🤢

 I'm pretty sure everyone knows that but we know what she's talking about
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 You’d be surprised by how many people don’t know the difference..
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 I said that in front of my MIL once and she almost had a fit carrying on about how wrong I was, telling me to tell whoever told me it that they were wrong. I told her I would but not sure how far I will get because it would be pretty hard to track down the author of the state health info pamphlets at the Drs, that I read out of boredom while waiting one day 😂. She still insisted it was wrong.
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You can do the no chemical way, but you should keen your kid home for at least a week if that’s the route you take.
Your kid will pass it on and will become a big f**k off circle that doesn’t end.
Concentrated tear trea oil hair straighteners
Nightly combing for 3 nights with an overuse of conditioner each time.
Hairspray and tee tree oil at school for the next two months to guard against any of the kids she’s already possibly given them to.

My highschool aged daughter has them lots. I alternate between k24 and pyrenthins is it called. And combing out with conditioner

Like above cheap conditioner and tea tree oil. Also, use a straightener on her hair for a couple of weeks, it kills the eggs.

I have tried the chemical free ways and have found nothing works quite as well as the chemical treatments.

 Agreed and you two different brands several days apart. The first time my kids got nits I stuck with the one brand and wasted so much money!
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Not chemical free and is frowned upon but works...but... fly spray! Use the non irritant one in the green can- tape a bag around the head tear a hole and spray through the hole to cover the scalp then tape the hole up massage it in wait a 20 mins. Then soak the hair in cheap conditioner and comb out. Then wash as usual. If you go to perfect potion and get the great outdoors blend of essential oil put it in a spray bottle and use it as a deterant spray afterwards that should keep them away.
I've done this to myself after catching nits from my nephew and no one to help me. Best ever.

 I want to try it, but I also don't want to die 😂
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 I tried this on my own hair when I was 18 and living with friends and became riddled with lice from their kids 😂 It does work! I also tried flea shampoo! Works very well 😂.
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Frontline!!!!! A drop on the scalp and no more nits

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Cheap white conditioner and nit comb. Shampoo with tea tree shampoo then dry, use a hair straightener- kills the little fuckers and their eggs. Make sure you wash all bedding , hats etc. they can live for 2 days without anyone to feed off 🤮

Ewwww hair pets freak me out.

 My 4 year old calls them head ants and cries when I comb them out because they are her friends. It's so hard to keep a straight face and explain to her that they need to come out
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The conditioner treatment is probably your best bet. On dry hair liberly apply conditioner and using a nitcomb, comb her her hair out. I think you are supposed to do it every day for a few weeks and then every few days. It should be on google to get the exact method. There are natural ranges of nit shampoo. I am not sure how well they work but in conjuction with the conditioner, it should do the job.

 Yep. My son gets nits all the time. I just do the conditioner and comb method every two days. This last time they were gone with 2 weeks. I have a daughter too and thank god she doesn’t get them as often as she hates the comb!
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Tea tree oil and conditioner and a nit comb, you will need to do it every day for 2 weeks to get rid of an infestation then once weekly to manage. Theres also heaps of natural oil treatments available at the chemist and pyreth...something... is also natural and in alot of chemist products.