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Have you had your tubes tied or your husband a vasectomy?


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Vasestomy. DH agreed it was fair enough after seeing what I went through!
It shocked me to discover how many friends' H's wouldn't do the snip & the ridiculous excuses they had. Wusses.

 Before my husband agreed to it, it was me that made him wait. We first discussed it after we finished our family and then I made him wait ten years. I wanted to make sure we would stay together and that if we didn’t he could go on and be a father again. In our early forties he just said to me I don’t want to father any more kids and went and got it done. I think it’s about the man being ready to not be a father again and go through the whole baby stage all over.
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I have endometriosis and have been pushing for a hysterectomy and the Dr won't do it because I'm only 26. My mum also had cervical cancer and had to have a hysterectomy about 3 years ago but apparently "I might want more kids so I can't have one." I don't want more kids, can barely look after the 2 I have and both pregnancies were horrible and I'm at a point if I fell pregnant again I would be booking an abortion. I have the rod and make my partner use condoms as a precaution because no way in hell am I going through that again but doctors are stupid

Hubby was going to get a vasectomy, but then it became medically necessary for me to have my tubes tied so he got "lucky" 😂
He was happy enough to have it done.

Tubes tied and next year a hysterectomy

 Oh my. I hope everything is OK ❤️
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Husband had a vasectomy. It’s much easier for him and less down time recovering. All went well no side effects.