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Who else is cleaning today because it's Christmas, and that's just what you do Christmas Eve?


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Ill do abit so i dont have to do it tomorrow. But not like a major clean. Pump some music, have fun. Enjoy your day too- dont just 'clean'. Remember tomorrow is xmas, but today is today and you wont get it back. So dont waste all day slaving away. Merry christmas for tomorrow x

I finished my major clean yesterday, cooking today ready for 40+ people tomorrow. That first glass of wine will go down well tomorrow lol

 Go you!!!
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I have the house in pieces. We have to move in February and I decided to clear out and start the packing. Christmas isn't st our house this year so thank goodness. It will remain a mess until I finish in the new year. 2 rooms cleaned out so far.

 I changed my mind and cleaned. I just have a room now with throw, keep or donate corners. The rest of the house now looks nice. Ugh Christmas making me clean up
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We are hosting Xmas this year so big cleaning day was planned for today. I volunteered at last minute to go into work so I could get out of cleaning. I do it every other day so thought my husband n kids could have a turn. They’ve done a great job and I earned good money working a Sunday.

Finished yesterday. Today I’m just doing a few loads of washing and tidying up the outdoor entertaining area. I’m pretty organised!

I did our cleaning yesterday. I’ll wash some clothes today but that is all I need to do.

Kids at nanas and hubby and I are having sex

 So buy fu****g you are on here loo
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Hubby cleaned and I cooked bil mowed the lawn very nice of him (had all in laws over) tomorrow it's the other way round hubby cooking and me cleaning (& my fam over)

I did mine yesterday...heading out to the farm this afternoon and staying the night there with the extended family. Will come home to a nice clean home with my kids and we will eat and be merry playing games in a clean air conditioned house. (Supposed to be hot tomorrow). Thank goodness Xmas is not at my house this year.