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Food at wedding

Do you think it’s fair guests can’t pick on food
Went yesterday to a wedding person number one had first meal
Person number two had second meal
Person number three had third meal

I ended with fish and I Am allergic to fish


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A lot of people these days, have a dietary requirements box to tick/fill in on the RSVP part of their wedding invitation, and if they didn’t, you could just ask to swap the meal with the person next to you or ask the waiter to swap the meal!

It's called an alternate drop and it's common. Grown ups swap with someone else if they don't like what they get. Move along troll

It’s not your wedding, so not up to you. You should have said something to the waiter before and they would have made sure you didn’t get fish. You’re an adult, I’m assuming?

 That were the rules
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 ‘Excuse me waiter, but could I possibly have the beef instead, I’m allergic to fish’. Waiter: ‘I’m sorry but that would be breaking the rules.’


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It's pretty standard to have alternate meals at a wedding. If you know you have allergies you should have mentioned it when you rsvp'd, or just told the waiter. Not that hard to do.

Gosh I have no idea what this is, obviously I don't go to enough weddings! If you're allergic to something wouldn't you write it on the RSVP?

 Alternate drop. So you might get beef, the people on either side of you will get say, chicken. I hate it but a lot of weddings have it because it’s cheaper than having everyone choose their own meal.
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Yeah, this shits me. I HATE any seafood. I always end up with the seafood though. Luckily hubby LOVES it and never gets it coz i dont buy/cook it, so hes always happy to swap! Did have issues in a long hall flight too. Seated at back of plane, we were pretty much ladt to get served - they only had the fish left so i had to go without. You can give dietry requirements but there's never any boxes to tick for 'dont like seafood' even the smell makes me want to puke. Options are always just vegeterian, diabetic etc

 Why don't you just pick vegetarian, then you won't get seafood?
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 Just say you're allergic to it.
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I know it's terrible! Thank goodness for uber eats! It's something you just have to deal with at weddings, but I refuse to do alternate drops (unless I like all the options) if it's a meal out with a group and I'm paying for it.

I'm not a fan of alternate drops either. I always seem to get a meal I don't like, and I eat most things. I ask if anyone wants to swap, if
No-one will I just pretend to eat it.

Eat at home. Wedding food tastes like the mother-in-law cooked it