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Big baby?

I’m almost 22 weeks pregnant and my doctor is saying that I have a big baby.
I’ve got more scans and another gestational diabetes test organised within the next 6 weeks (my first gestational diabetes test came back negative) but I’m not sure if I should be worried or not.
Are there questions I should be asking?


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My first baby was just over 3kg and my second just over 2kg. I thought they were big 🤪

I had a c-section with my first. For my 2nd I was going to have a vbac but my blood pressure went right up just after my due date so it was decided to have a c-section because they didn't want to induce me due to my first c-section. The reason put down after the birth by the surgeon was that it was a big baby. I had a perfectly normal pregnancy. All my tests came back fine. Nothing was said about a big baby until after all he was born. I He was just over 10 pounds. They lady next to me also had a big baby but she had hers naturally. He was 11 pounds. She also didn't know until it was time for him to come out. We are all healthy and happy, I know it is a hard ask but try not to worry too much yet. If you do have GD they will help you manage it. My Step sister had GD. Her baby was smaller than mine and she had no other complications. And like someone else commented, genetics plays a big part as well.

Don't stress. They will be working off a worst case scenario for you. My first two were 9 pounders and then with number 3 they were worried he was going to be small - because of my bloods. I had extra scans etc. He was born at 39 weeks weighing 10 lb 11oz.... Not small by any stretch of the imagination. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they can only really guess and you won't know until delivery. And just FYI they were all born vaginally - your body can do amazing things and if there are complications - you are in a hospital. Good luck and take care of yourself 😊

I have gd and 18 weeks, and they keep telling me I'm at risk of a big baby, and all the risks for having a big baby, a lot of which are deformities, stillbirth, me haemorrhaging to death, baby getting stuck, me dying, lots of dying. I'm actually fu****g terrified

 *hugs* being pregnant us scary enough without extra stresses :/ they always have to give you worst case scenarios. Try not to worry too much and just stick to following their recommendations. One day at a time 😊
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I was told both times i would have a huge baby. First was 8pd2 at 39 weeks and the second was 8pd7 at 38+3. My second they referred to him as large for his gestational age so he required regular blood sugar checks over the first 24 hours but other than that no issues. He would have easily been almost 10 pounds if I went to 40 weeks.

Scans are not an accurate measurement of a baby’s size. I’m pretty sure the most accurate guide is your fundal height. But even then that can be dependent on how the baby is laying when they measure it.

I’d be asking why they think your baby is large (is it your fundal heigh/from the scans/just them visually looking at your bump? etc) especially being that you are still pretty early in your pregnancy.

I was the same. Had multiple scans, baby is so big blah blah blah. They induced me 1 week early and she was 7pd 7oz. So huge 😒

I measured big with my second but he was 8pound 2 born 1 week early. My first was 8 pound 7. Its just a guide, they don't really have an accurate way to measure how big your baby is and that was told to me by my dr.

God i hate when they do this, i had big babies both over 9 pound. I was never told they were "big" while i was pregnant and certainly not half way through the pregnancy! For the record, i had them both naturally with zero complications and women i know had the same with 10 pounders. Unless your a teeny tiny woman, like ridiculously teeny tiny, you will be fine.

You’re only 22 weeks and so there is no telling what size baby you will have at birth. Measuring big now doesn’t necessarily mean big at birth. The glucose test will confirm GD definitively.

What kind of big? Like freakishly large or just a big hefty bubba? The doctors told me I was going to have a big baby with both of my sons. And both my boys were average size. Are you or your husband/partner/baby daddy tall? Or stocky? Genetics plays a big part in baby size.