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What’s the worst pain you had ?

Besides childbirth


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Endometriosis. In fact some days I am in worse pain than when I gave birth

 Me too
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 Haha yes! Do the people who like anal just like pain or what?
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My frozen shoulder pain was a lot worse than childbirth.

Emotional - Discovering my husband had an affair.
Physical - backpain/muscle spasms

I ended up in hospital twice with a mystery pain, all the evidence of pain was there like super high blood pressure, pale, irritable they ran all the tests they could both times but couldn't find a cause. It is like someone stabbed me with a burning star picket in my right side, horrible. The strongest pain killers were battling to take an edge off it I would just curl up and cry. Eventually just disappears on its own, I hope it doesn't come back.

Quite possibly the d&c i had to have after having my son. (Retained placenta)
Waking up felt like being hit by a truck, which was due to haemorrhage

Kidney infection at 7 months pregnant. Absolutly horrible.

 Omg I've had a kidney infection and it was the worst! I can't imagine being pregnant at the same time. You poor thing 😟
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I don't know about physical pain, but emotional pain/heart break after my partner had affair and one of my kids ran away from home to live with other parent.
I couldn't get out of bed for weeks, diazepam was the only thing that got me through I swear

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 I am so sorry. I am facing a somewhat similar situation and the heartbreak is like no other. Hugs and I hope you're doing a lot better now.
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 Heart ache is real!!!
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I pushed a recliner over my big toe and flipped the toenail completely back. It hurt so badly that I thought I had broken my toe, I couldn’t walk without pain for weeks.

 This made me cringe so bad and almost vomit- you poor thing!
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 That’s the same reaction my husband and kids had when I did it. 😆Honestly it still makes my stomach do flips when I think about it all these years later.
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