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What makes you feel better when you've got a cold & you're pregnant?

I don't want to take any drugs


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Salt & vinegar chips and lemonade. the salt from the chips is good for your throat and they are enjoyable to eat even when you are feeling sick. The lemonade keeps your electrolytes up and the swallowing mition helps keep nasal passages clear. Don’t know if this is all true or not, but believed this since I was a kid and my kids swear by it now as well. As soon as any of us has a cold or flu, others bring iver the lemonade and S&V chips for a movie day 😆

Paracetamol is fine- just steer clear of anything with aspirin or ibuprofen. Have plenty of liquids and rest

Sniffing eucalyptus Kleenex tissues :) vix on my chest, neck, under the nose and feet.

I had so many colds when I was pregnant with my second and there is really nothing you can take except for panadol. It sacked so much especially since I had to chase around an 18 month old as well

Personally, chocolate, ice cream, a cup of tea, and a nap. Works every time.

Nothing. Just laying down on the couch and immersing into a book, movie or sleeping!