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Is this child abuse?

I told my kids it would break my heart if they lived more than 15 min from me
Hubby and I are thinking about buying the house next door and one around the corner for the kids to move in at 18


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Depends how you are projecting that onto your kids it can be a emotional abuse if you are really making them feel guilty about it and manipulating them to live closer.
Your kids will get partners eventually and they will work out where they want to live there life.. they shouldn’t have to be forced to live near you.

Yes hand everything to your kids so they never learn to work hard for anything. Great parenting.

 What’s wrong with wanting to set your kids up for the future ? There’s plenty of other ways they can learn to work hard . Many would consider leaving your kids with nothing is bad parenting .
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 You are what's wrong with the world
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My mum tried to cling on it was so much pressure & responsibility, I hated it! Then had a talk about me minding her in her old age. Ffs Leave me be! Smothered & barely speak now I’m so much happier.

 You ungrateful little TURD be thankful you still have a mum 😡😡
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 Her mum is an emotional abuser
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 Maybe she's ungrateful. Maybe mum is emotional abuser.
But her point was too much clingyness pushed her away from her mother. Which I'm guessing was not intention of mother.
Or perhaps it was? Who knows

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 Triggered... looks like your future lady
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Not child abuse but weird why won't you let your kids spread their wings?

This sounds ALOT like everyone loves Raymond... Cut the cord, Marie

Let them fly the nest. That is the only way they will learn to be responsible and stand on their own feet. Their memories of how you treated them as kids will either bring them back to you, or drive them away.
And how you treat their partners will have an enormous bearing on if they want to live close to you again.
All things being equal, if girls have a strong relationship with their mother, they will want to live close enough to their Mum to be able to have their support during pregnancy and early childhood years.

I keep telling my parents I'm going to build another house in their backyard and live in that. You should do that for your kids

If you're going to buy a house anyway then I think it's a good you're thinking of your kids one day living in it. Plenty of rich parents buy investments near uni's with their kids futures in mind. But I think it's wrong if you expect them to live in it forever, it's a great idea as a first home while they get used to being independent and gives them a chance to save up for their own home.

I’d hate to live near my parents. But if they bought me a house I’d take it!

 Lol, exactly! Smart person would take it and rent it out or sell it for a house they want
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 Yeah mama you might have do up a contract that says they can't sell the house & move away from you
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Don’t worry it’s only natural :) hubby and I will also be buying our 2 sons a house right near us because we’re all very eldest is 16 and likes the idea (hopefully his wife by then will agree lol)

 Lol in several years time there's a post about "my in laws bought a house around the corner from them and I hate them being so close"
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 Yeah she'll be rubbing her hands together, got a free honey I've always wanted to live in country, lets sell it & move far far away from your over bearing mother.
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