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Showers ……

Honestly how often do you shower???


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Seriously? I shower at most every second day. Usually every 3 days! And no i don't stink! I've never been told that i stink. My mother in law would be mortified if she knew.
Can't believe people shower twice a day! If course i shower if I've done something sweaty or dirty but normal day to day on average every 2-3 days

 Every 3 days? That's disgusting. You are a grown adult. It only takes 5 minutes to have a shower!
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 ^^^ don't be so judgemental. If you haven't done anything throughout the day, why waste water by having a shower. I'm every 2-3 days also.
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 I'm every second to 3 days too but I do use baby wipes to freshen things up a bit in between if needed. Only time I show daily is when I have my period
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 Can't imagine going 2-3 days without a shower 😕
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 Yes, I am being judgemental. Because like I said, disgusting. And also like I said, you are an adult. Who sweats, and I'm assuming does a s**t everyday - so you are basically walking around with a dirty arse. You also have a vagina , which lets face it, we all know as women that we have discharge. I feel sorry for your husband/partner! You say you can't believe people shower everyday, but yet you say your mil would be mortified if she knew you didn't, so you know yourself it's filthy not to!
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 Freshen up with baby wipes? lol Why not just get in the shower for 2 minutes?!
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 Lol I'm a second/third day person too!!! I've asked a lot of close people of i smell (mum and hubby included- and believe me BOTH would happily tell me!!!)
I also wash my hair once a week and only use deodorant a few days around my period (I seem to smell then and shower daily when I have it)
You'll find the less you fill you skin and hair with chemicals the most your body cleans itself
I also wear no undies which stops discharge.
I'm what people would most defiantly consider attractive I get compliments all the time expecially on my hair.
My skin has never been softer and smoother since stopping showing every day (before kids I swam in chlorine everyday and had to wash daily)

Just because you're dirty and need to wash every day doesn't mean everyone's bodies are as smelly and secrete as much waste as yours


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 Where i live water is so precious that a sink of water for a top and tail is the norm and a quick shower every 2 to 3 days.
Farmers commit suicide due to the stress of the drought.
my washing machine senses exactly how high to fill.
My kids get water play at the local pool or when it rains.
I could go on for pages.

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 Wow. Could you be anymore up yourself. You are what people consider attractive. Ha! I guess your husband must be as dirty as you, and that's why he doesn't care.
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 So your kids get water play at the pool? That's your lazy excuse for not showering/bathing them. When you DO allow them to use your bathroom facilities, I bet you don't wash them in chlorine! So why the hell use the pool as an excuse.
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 Actually no, I'm exceptionally clean thanks. I shower twice a day because I have respect for myself.
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 I certainly do not justify a swim at the pool as a shower. I am saying thats one of two examples they are allowed to play with water (that and the rain)
I top and tail my children every second day and bath them the other unless of course they are filthly.
Clearly you have never experienced a drought affected area.

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 Lol I'm the poster of the original comment. Don't know what you're all whinging about. My mil would be mortified because she is a germophobe.
My kids get baths around every second day too. There are more important things to do! If we don't stink and we're happy then don't know what the issue is.
And the dirty bum comments are hilarious. I don't know about you but I sure know how to wipe my own a*s properly and if i think my vagina smells i change my undies. No big deal. It's self cleaning anyway! There are people who have no dinner tonight and you are worrying about me not showering like I'm the worstperson in the world

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 I find it sad that people like you think someone is extremely up themselves for being able to say something positive about themselves. I guess we living in such a negative self deprative society that's the norm but that's your issue not mine.

Didn't like my judgement on you being dirty cod you need to shower so often? Well that's how silly people sound judging the opposite way. I was sarcastically using the same logic you all were

And my husband is a shower twice a day suit wearing clean freak - as I said would MOST defiantly tell me if I stunk. ☺️

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 In all seriousness can I ask do you change your underwear each day? What about when you have sex, do you shower? There's no way I could let my hubby go down on me without being nice and fresh.
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 Seriously do you think that just because some people shower every second or third day that they do not change underwear daily? I grew up in a drought affected area and showering this way was the norm. We also used to alternate washing days with our neighbours so that only a full load was put on (im an only child and my neighbours had no kids) and clothes didnt sit around in the laundry waiting to be washed
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 I don't wear undies 95% of the time and I'm only not fresh on days I have to wear undies of swimmers.
The vagina needs air- if you give it. That it does its job and cleans itself.
Hubby has a few times gone down on me when I've worn undies in the day and stopped almost immediately as I could tell I wasn't fresh - he's never done that after I haven't worn undies

Also you will find if your home levels are really good and you're really healthy- you genuinely don't need to shower as often.
I know when I'm pregnant or on my period I shower more regularly because my hormones are imbalanced more during these times.
A healthy body won't smell. And does a good job keeping cleaning itself- more so the less chemicles you put on/in it

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 What the hell?! Never have I heard of such rubbish ever. If your house is clean, it must mean you don't need to shower because your body is clean??? My house is immaculate, and I still make an effort to shower everyday. If I was your husband I wouldn't go down on you either. Have never had my husband reject me midway through going down on me. You can try to justify it however you want, but it is what it is. Non showering as an adult is gross. And if you have children, I hope they don't get teased at school, because other kids pick up on this stuff, if you're not setting an example, why would they worry about good hygiene practices. I really hope you don't send them to school like that :-/
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 How on earth does the amount of times people shower per week affect you in any way, shape or form? Be grateful that this is something that seems to garner so much emotion because really - there are SO many bigger things in this world to get worked up about. what a joke

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 Lol I love how upset your gettin over a simple choice
as I said it's never happened when I haven't worn undies which is 95% of the time.
It's happened maybe 3 or 4 times in close to 20 years together.

My kids are actually extremely. Popular my boy is a sponsored surfer and my daughter is close behind him they are charismatic and always surrounded by friends-thanks for your concern ....
They do shower most days cod again as I said about hormones......their hormone levels aren't spot on as the are going through puberty... So they do have to shower more

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 lol love how people are justifying their lack of personal hygiene. Love how other people are getting all emotional about it.
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 Original commenter here. We only have sex straight out of the shower. So we have sex every 2nd or 3rd day.
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 Maybe you should read this

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 Who said anything about their house being clean so that's why they don't shower????
Think that poster is getting a little worked up and reading shit in her head ha
I personally shower everyday but I do have dry skin maybe I should consider skipping a day and see if it helps

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 So you have sex straight out of the shower what about afterwards? Or you wait 2-3 days to shower after sex? That's gross if you wait days after having sex to shower
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 Yes i wait days.
Why is it gross? It's not like he's cum on my body.

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 dont you get sweaty, does he not cum inside you, do you not cum? Surely you would have discharge after sex especially if he cums inside you
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 Best thing ive read in ages. Great entertainment! Im at the bottom. The 'christmas cake' ;)
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I think those who don't shower daily are just plain lazy! There is no excuse.

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 And i think those who shower daily... good for you. For me I see it as a waste of time if I've been home all day with the kids
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Twice a day. In the morning after exercise. And at night before bed. I sleep better if I've showered.

Twice a day, morning and night, anything less, ewww

 Ain't nobody got time for that!
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At least once a day but usually twice a day. I thought that once a day was the recommended amount to keep down disease and infection etc. I had no idea that people didn't shower everyday and I'm kind of shocked. Sorry not to offend anyone I just seriously had no clue. I can't imagine not showering at lease once a day, but then again I live in north qld.

At least Once or twice a day depending on time and what I've been doing. My husband has 3!! My kids once unless they've had an accident or been a messy day Itl be more.The body naturally sweats even if we ain't having an active day and this needs to be cleaned. I personally couldn't not shower everyday but each to there own I guess 😁

summer twice and winter at least daily! it depends on what i am doing that day, but sometimes morning and evening. but always daily.
daily for children at night.

At least daily, when a work twice a day, I'm a nurse, I couldn't go to work not feeling fresh and I couldn't not shower when I get home

For sure daily... sometimes twice daily morning and before going to bed

I am curious to know. Those who only shower every 3 days or so, how often are you changing your sheets? Because essentially you are getting into bed dirty each and every time :-/

 I'm the commenter of the long line of replies!
I change my sheets once a month at most! Dont know what the big deal is. And they don't stink or look dirty to me or my husband!

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 I the one who showers every 2-3 days with a hubby who showers twice a day
We have all white linen that I was every week.
But it's hubbies side that gets visibly dirty not mine

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Every day. If dirty or hot/sweaty or needingbto warm up, then twice. Totally understand if you live in a drought area or are on tank water, byt otherwise yuk!

As a mum of five I know what it's like to be exhausted I literally force my self to shower at night when I'm tired but if I make my kids shower everyday then so should I don't get me wrong I miss the odd day usually the nights I have fallen asleep on the couch surrounded by washing to fold

 We have five kids too. It is a lot of washing! I shower in the morning to wake me up and at night if I want sex!!
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Once a day usually after the kids have fallen asleep at night.

Twice a day when i worked nights it was 3 times a day

Sometimes I miss a day due to being busy with the kids, sometimes by the time I do everything, it's just too late in the night.