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Showers ……

Honestly how often do you shower???


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Once a fortnight. Should I do it more?

 I think that's acceptable and good to see you conserving water
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 Shower in a can?
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Only in the morning most days. Sometimes at nite if having sex or washing hair! What about your kids? In winter I have only been showering mine every other day, is this bad? They are 6 and 9 , boys.

Twice a day. Morning and night. In the morning to feel fresh and clean for the day (plus I don't like putting clean clothes on without showering), and of a night to wash the day off. Don't like the thought of getting into bed after all day of cleaning, looking after/spending time with my children, and also if I have been out in public to shopping centres or the like, and touching things like trolleys/using public toilets etc

 Plus when I've got my period or had sex I couldn't stand not showering twice a day.
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At least daily! Twice if I've been working hard, night duty or working out.

Varies between twice, morning and night. Daily evening only. And sometimes every 2nd day depends on what's happening on the day and how tired I am at night, if I want or have sex, if I am on my period. But generally daily.

Holey friggen christmas cake! Ok so as a teen it was twice daily. Then as a mum of 3 i had a stage of only showering every 2nd-3rd day. Then a stage of daily. (I could not go a day without washing my hair) now its back to every 2nd-3rd day. My kids are daily (mainly so i an cook tea in peace) hubby twice a day always. Seriously. How will all you ppl cope when there is a clean water shortage. No wonder the earth is running low on all its precious resources. Goddamn!. And my sheets get changed monthly too.... #firstworldproblems

So how often do you all brush your teeth? I'm curious now. I do mine twice a day but occasionally may forget the mornings if it is a bit hectic.

 Morning only..... most days anyway. When i have a shower i brush then in the shower as well
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 Twice a day. As my dentist recommends.
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Once a month when my period ends

 I hope you're joking. Yuk
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Every second day. Same with my children unless they have had a accident.