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Formula feeding- . How much?

Hi, just wondering how much should I be feeding my baby who is mixed fed. Seems liks he wants bottles more than recommendation on the back of the formula tin but is that over feeding? Formula feeding is so confusing, I breast fed on demand with my first in just not sure if bittle feeding on demand is allowed. TIA


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I think the recommendations should be used as a guide only. If he's hungry, he's hungry. Give him more. You cannot over feed a baby. If they have too much they vomit.

My son set his own schedule. The nurses said 60mls every 2 hours, he would take 120 every 3.5. His nappies were normal, no spitting up, no crying. He increased faster than the recommendation, but was larger than other babies his age. He also rolled, sat, crawled, and walked early so was expending more energy than kids in his age bracket. My doctor said the recommendation is based on the average, some will take more, others less.

 All nurses read out of a bloody book I have 7 kids and I would be told 60ml per 3-4 hour for that age I make 120ml per 4hrs they will spit it out when full I've always gone with mummy instinct's
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Thanks so much girls. Formula feeding is so new to me and it's absolutely brilliant, as it's made my baby put on weight and thrive but of course I got all the guilt at the very beginning which is why I feel like giving too many may be gorging or over feeding them?? So silly I can't believe such a stigma exist when it comes to baby food! Thank k ou again lovelies have a great day.

There no set amount really they tell you when there hungry they tell you when full I always made bit more than what recommend on tin they either drink it or part of it they will tell you when full and content shouldn't be demand feeding normally means not full from feed time

You could try giving him a top up of 30 mils or so half an hour after his bottle if he's still fussing. I've found with my mixed fed little one, she fusses for more when she's tired and looking for comfort to fall asleep. It's not that she's hungry, she just wants the closeness.