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Tips to organise my life

I've let my whole life go, put on weight, messy finances, work 50 hours a week so feelinglike I have "No Time", and now I have become so lazy and disorganized and legit this sloppy slob at home, I have no idea how to get on top of anything! I have three teenagers and separated a few months. I'm not depressed, just in a rut . How can I clean up my act before my sofa consumes me and all the chocolate bar wrappers in one go? 😆😂


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There’s a good chance you’re unknowingly depressed. Recently separated as well. There’s no drive or motivation to do anything. In your head it all seems doable but then when you come to tackle it you say f**k it, reach for junk the phone or watch trashy tv all day.
What worked for me was to allocate one area of the house and work on that even if it took a whole day between slacking off or having a 3hr “break” lol
Get your teenagers on board to help too. Meal plan, go for walks. It’s a pain but once you start you’ll feel accomplished. Good luck

Just to prop you up a work 50 hours a week and you have 3 are not lazy!! What you have is a lack of balance and I second all the other posters who have said exercise! I would tackle the most important things first which I believe are your health and your finances, then go from there. I am a mother of 5, my youngest is 10 months old and I have also been separated for six months. What I have actually found very therapeutic is decluttering and purging my home. It has made me feel so much better!

Get the kids involved! Make them clean up the house and share the load of cooking they are old enough now and it will teach them the skills for when they move out.
Get out and do stuff. Go for a walk along the beach with the kids, go explore the area around where you live, if you leave the house you’ll probably be happier, exercise release endorphins.
Get the kids to go through their rooms and get rid of the stuff they dont need/want anymore - sell, throw or donate it. The less stuff you have the easier it is to keep on top of the cleaning.

Finances - write up a budget. Start paying off your debt. Read the barefoot investor. It will change the way to deal with your finances.

 ^ Agree. De cluttering is a great way to start. Kids will help if they think they can make some $. Grab some boxes and start packing unused goods for a garage sale. Kids do their rooms and keep the proceeds.
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 Barefoot investor book on kids has some great advice on how to get kids on board with pulling their weight, as well as taking charge of their own financial future.
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Maybe your just exhausted. Working a 50hr week is enough in itself. I work about half that and feel like I’m getting lazy at home but it’s exhausting managing everything.

Walk around the block every morning or evening rain hail or shine. Endorphins and a purpose without spending $

Holy lord you work 50 hours a week 😯 give yourself a break!!! This and being a single mum is consuming you.
If you can fit it on a Sunday arvo, do some meal prep. Use SAHM website or google recipes. Healthy and quick !! And ones u can pre make. Do this and you’ll be on a start to eating healthy. There were some in Coles free magazine this week. This would free up some time. Then take yourself for walks where you can. Getting some fresh air and exercise will have you feeling a bit healthier. Also eating well you’ll WANT to eat Better. Sugar is An addiction so cut it out entirely for 3-5 days and you won’t crave it. You got this girl ;) xxx

 Also just wanted to add; decluttering your house will declutter your mental state. Do the biggest declutter of your life. Encourage kids to throw out as much as physically possible.. rewards galore! If you have absolute bare minimum you will be soo encouraged to keep it this way. Try and think minimal is best. You’ll feel like a new person. All the best !!
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I'm the opposite, I'm more inclined to get in good financial /exercise place once my environment is sorted. Start once space at a time. The kitchen. Kids rooms can be last. Get the main shared living areas decluttered and sorted. Just focus a week at a time on one room. Don't make too many dramatic changes finance wise, just get your home space sorted. How you use these main shared spaces will start to flow and have an effect / motivate you more on other areas. Just close the door on the kid shit for now. Tackle the main space, then maybe after you have kitchen, bathroom and your bedroom sorted (give yourself a week on each) then maybe get the kids to start sorting some shit, you look at some finance stuff. You will find that you get endorphins from all the cleaning, moving, sorting. Exercise annoyed me because I felt like I was taking an hour off 'getting shit sorted'. When ou are cleaning sorting, loading up the car, wiping windows, skirting boards, kitchen cupboard you are on the go. Just do this and try not to consume shit food. Or snack on fruit/vege. Just eat clean, clean snacks even if you dont have time to stand and prep gourmet salads. The movement and clean food will make you feel better, and then all will come in to balance and you're routine/structure/ home will be easier to manage THEN look at fitting exercise in, but gt your shit sorted first. Just power on, smash out the jobs / cleaning weight will shift OR you'll at least feel clearer mentally.

I like the idea to do something for you like netball, make time to do something you enjoy.
Can you take a few days off work to get the house sorted, then start a system where everyone helps. You could encourage the kids to help by giving them pocket money. For example they $30 a week each, but they must do all their chores. But they are also expected to buy their own things with the money, like toiletries, non essential clothes etc.

Read "The Life-changing magic of tidying" by Marie Kondo. Many people have found her advice gives them just the spark they need to really turn their lives around.
Its about so much more than the mechanics of tidying.
It really is a magic little book, and has got me very motivated.

It must be hard when you work 50 hours a week as well. Sounds ridiculous but can you fit in any time for exercise? It gives me a lot more energy and makes me feel better. Something fun like a dance class or social netball, so its doing something just for you.

I agree get the kids on board with cooking and things like that. Maybe get each child responsible for dinner on one day a week - frees up some time for you.

Just a small tip but I find using a calendar really well, and having checklists for lots of things helps. Like I have a xmas checklist, kids birthday party checklist, camping checklist - things like that.

Try pocketbook app for your finances helps get a good idea of what is what

Check out the "organising the four of us" fb page, there are alot of practical tips and ideas that you can implement at home. One if them is to set a timer on for 15 minutes to tidy up, or even just to do zone cleaning, or lists!
Are you able to ask for help with certain things ?
Working 50 hours a week is so much! :(

Write a to-do list to try and achieve clean wise each day. Then you can can cater it to your time schedule or even contract it out to a teenager. Haha