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What do you think of bindi Irwin rushing to get married before the new restrictions are enforced tonight?


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I'm going against the grain (as usual) & not being an angry ant. Good on her. She's said they didn't have any guests. Best of luck to them. They're dizzy crazy in love & that is the happiest time in their lives. I won't begrudge them that. They did their best in a bad situation. Please insert all your angry responses below. 😊.

 I don’t believe she didn’t have any guests. there were 4-5 people around her with umbrellas clearly disregarding the 1.5m rule. People are right to be angry about that!

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 That was probably the magazine people- she was probably selling the story and guess who probably pressured them to get it done?
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 Ummmmm. Jesus?
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 The umbrella's were there because songing media fuckheads had drones and helicopters flying around and ALL SHE WANTED WAS SOME PRIVACY


God, vultures.

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 ^ has she not heard of marquees? Honestly, what a load of crap
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 You have no idea how gutted she was that she wasn't able to have Terri and Robbo there.
You guys have no idea and she is under no obligation to share with you.
Please have some respect for a young girl just trying to be happy in private

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 Seriously? We are all making sacrifices here. Social distancing is to protect us ALL.
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Her life her decision.

 Nah. That kind of attitude is what is going to keep us in lockdown even longer .

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 The question was “ what do you think of her rushing to get married”. What does it matter whether she rushed to get married or waited 24 hours or waited 2 years. She can get married whenever she likes.
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 You missed the last part of the sentence ‘...before the restrictions came in’. Her age or length of time she’s been with her now husband was not in question.
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I wonder if she brought the wedding forward to avoid cancellation fees on services vs no/low cost rescheduling.

Best wishes to them both. They look so happy and in love.

If she had a small wedding with say 10-20 people who kept to social distancing guidelines I think it’s a wonderful bit of news in an otherwise horrendous time. Although, with the people who were shielding her with umbrellas standing so close together and to her I wondered if they are taking the restrictions seriously and what sort of example they are setting for the rest of Australia.

IF they had a full wedding it's irresponsible, selfish and incredibly arrogant. Tomorrow they'll be all over the news expecting adulation.

You'd wonder why they'd risk it when more infections means the longer their zoo will stay closed.

Having said that, we don't know if they had a full wedding. Someone on FB claimed to be there and it was, but, you don't know who's telling the truth anymore.

She’s 21. My guess is it won’t last.

 Don't be jealous
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 Jealous of what? Puh lease
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 I was married at 21. Everyone told me it wouldn't last. Now 32 and still happily married.
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 Who the f**k says or spells puh lease??
What are you 12?

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she could've postponed it.


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If it was a full wedding, selfish and irresponsible. Especially if she rushed it forward to beat the deadline tonight. As it’s Wednesday today, it seems likely.

It looks like there were a few people attending or there to take photos etc. If that's the case then I believe it was irresponsible.