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Do you lie about how many men you have slept with?

Do you tell your husband or prospective boyfriends how many men you have slept with or do you lie about your number?

What is your real number?
What number do you tell people?
If you lie, why?


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My husband has never cared to know he doesn't like talking about past relationships at all

My number is very high for the space in time I had before I met hubby

I don't even know exactly how many
I slept with about 20 guys in 6 months
I was 21 and backpacking when I lost my virginity

Yeah because most people wouldn't believe me (apart from a couple of close friends) My number is well over 200. I had a lot of fun in my 20s and never caught an std, no regrets.

 I went through my s**t phase in my late teens to mid 20s and if I didnt meet my husband when I did I would have been well on my way to 200 as well!

I look back on those days fondly and like you do not regret one second of it! If I could go back I would probably do it the exact same and if we ever seperated for whatever reason I would have no problem going through another s**t phase!

Unless you meet him very young I think its unrealistic for any guy to think there wasnt someone before him and if he holds your number against you he's not worth it.

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My number? Probably around 60! I haven't told him but surely he knows there's been a few by the tricks I've taught him over the years haha

My hubby has no idea, he's never asked, although he knows its alot more then thr amount of women he has slept with. Not sure why its a big deal. I was very promiscuous when I was in my late teens / early 20's. Haven't slept with anyone else since I started seeing my husband (16 years ago) To be completely honest I wouldn't even know how many men I've slept with, I don't keep a tally or put notches in the headboard lol

I’m 22 and my partners 25, we started dating when I was 15 and didn’t start having sex till I was 20 and he was such a gentleman never brought up a conversation about wanting to have sex or never forced it upon me... he waited till I was ready. We were each other’s first too!!

 I’m 23 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
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I've slept with over 40 guys (probably closer to 50 but I stopped counting). I told hubby it's about 9 but things have come up in conversation over the years and we both know he knows it's more but we don't admit or discuss it. I think he just doesn't like the thought of me with another man (let alone 40+ other men) and would rather think it's less. Plus I think he'd probably feel emasculated if he knew how many more people I had been with than him (8) lol.

 What came up in the conversations to lead him to think its more than you told him?
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 One example - I was sexually abused a lot as a child (which he knows about) which led to a lot of promiscuous behaviour as a teen. He had mentioned a girl from his late teens who he started seeing and, long story short, she displayed similar behaviour to what I had. I told him not to judge her too harshly as it sounded like she may have been through some stuff, and I explained some of the mental effects of being sexualised at an early age and how it can lead to promiscuity. He got what I was saying.
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I don't tell people but i'm under 25 and have slept with around 25 people.. I have also been in a relationship for 2 years and 6 years (seperate with little gap inbetween)...

Whenever the topic has come up I've only included men who have actually finished inside me. If they used a condom I dont include it.

Not to my husband he knows he's the one & only (we met young) but am kinda embarrassed I've only been with just him so my friends think I've been there done that.....if only they knew!

 I couldnt imagine sleeping with only one man but I applaud those that do!
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My husband knows I'm quite a bit more experienced than he is. He hasnt asked my exact number and honestly if he did I would probably give him a fake number to avoid any judgements or hard feelings.

I viewed my virginity as something sacred to me but once I lost it it wasn't important to me as far as how many men I had sex with. I was a virgin until I was 17 with him til I was 19 and was up to almost 25 guys by the time I was 21.

Im 37 now, been married 8 years and my number is somewhere between 45 and 50. Im not embarassed by that but I dont think my husband needs to know.

No i didnt lie. My husband is 2nd man ive slept with. He's had sex with 9 girls and was raped by a guy after being drugged (he was semi conscious apparently and had to go through alot of counselling after.)

We talk about our pasts. :)

 Woah, that's intense. Good on both of you to be able to talk about these things
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