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There is this girl that i like, but there are some issues. I don't know if she likes me for me or for my money. What can i do, because i really do like her and i have feelings for her.

She lives alone in an apartment and doesn't have a stable job, So i helped her pay rent and bought some groceries for her every time. Now she wants more money to pay the rent and she wants to go back to her own country. But i don't know what to do because i need some help also, i lost my job and all the money i had i gave her. But i did not tell her any of that because i know she will get mad or i am afraid that she won't like me anymore. I really care about her and i did all that i can to help her. I just do not want to disappoint her because because she already has it hard and got disappointed and maybe that is why she doesn't trust to many people, so i just don't know what to tell her i just don't want to hurt her feelings. But in the end i am the that is getting my feelings hurt.


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Oh you poor love. You're being used. Cut ties or she will bleed you dry. Xx

Are you for real. This is a CATFISH situation

 ^^yep. You're being catfished
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Simple, tell her you can't give her any more money. She'll make it clear pretty fast what she likes you for.

Don’t pay don’t ever bring money into it until later. Get her genuine opinion and feelings. Don’t offer to pay bills etc

If she didn’t want your money, she wouldn’t have asked for your money.
I’m sorry but I think she is using you. The fact that you can’t be honest with her and say you’re struggling too says that you know, deep down, she won’t stick around if she thinks she can’t get anything out of you.

It sounds like you should be worried about getting a new job and supporting yourself not trying to buy love of a person who clearly isn’t interested.

Why do you like her? She sounds like an opportunist who takes advantage of people who fall for a pretty face and a sob story. Not worth your time.

Find someone who likes you for you, not your money.

If she truly loved you she wouldn’t care if you lost your job or had no money.