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Where to take a toddler to play?

Needing some ideas on where to take my 2 year old where she can play with other kids and run around?
She has speech delay and not great social skills.
She will Ben starting child care in the coming months but just looking on some ideas on where to take her now?


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Libraries usually have toddlertime or story time. Would be great for her to socialise, sing and play. Also try playgroups.

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Thanks I’ll have a look into some playgroups around the area!

 Also music group for toddlers, call your local council or maternal and child health centre. They should be able to give you a list of places you could take your toddler
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 Just look at their Facebook page or website.
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As previously mentioned; Playgroup. Lots of primary schools have programmes for toddlers and the library often has story time with activities after.

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