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Do I have anxiety?

Ive never had any form of anxiety, depression etc in my whole life. But the last month or so I just feel so un easy, I feel unsafe, I panic over the smallest things and struggle to breathe, I don't like leaving my home etc. If this is anxiety what do I do? Go to a doctor? Or just do some meditation? Sorry I have no idea how to handle this I've never been around it before.


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Yes, I’m so sorry but it does sound like anxiety to me. As a life long sufferer of it, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I’m sorry that you are going through this.

Yep, see your GP. Also, Beyond Blue website has some great info on anxiety. Getting help makes it so much more manageable - good luck!

OP Thank you for your kind reply, I was expecting to be attacked as I've seen it on this site many times. I'll book in with my gp Next Week and have a chat :)
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 It's totally worth it - there are lots of strategies that might work for you. I found even just acknowledging the stresses that were pushing me over the edge helped :)

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 Yes good advice right here.. figuring out what is causing you the anxiety/triggering those feelings is where you need to start..
but I agree seek some proper help to sort it out.. don’t feel alone though... millions of people suffer this and there are ways to manage.

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When my anxiety got really bad I saw a naturopath. The GP just prescribed me with sleeping tablets as I also wasn't sleeping. I stopped talking the sleeping tablets once I started on the naturopaths program. I was amazed at how much of a difference it made I felt like a haze had been lifted. I know manage it myself with yoga / meditation and lavender oil.

There’s also rescue remedy that makes you calm.. that you can buy from the supermarket now.. may be helpful.
Be careful of the not being able to breathe... that can be a starting point for panic attacks...