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Has anyone taken magnesium to help with tiredness and stress?

Did it work? Any advice?


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I have taken magnesium got muscle soreness. I got stiff muscles on my left side. As long as I take 600 mg daily at night, my muscle pain stays away. When I stop taking the pills, Pain comes back again. It doesn't help with sleep for me. Recently I started taking b complex for sleep, and it works like a charm...

Oh my goodness thank you for reminding about mag powder. I take the powder on a as needs basis for muscle soreness but I know it's great for stress & sleep issues. Just what I need right now! Yes tried it, yes recommend it!!

Magnesium is taken at night to help you sleep. Ive been taking it for 2 years to help me sleep after doctor prescribed it

Nope. I take B12 for energy and stress. Helps me feel energized fir the day ☺