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Housewarming gift suggestions?

For my husbands work friends that have hooked up and bought a very fancy, modern, expensive house. They wont have kids as they are in their 40s and always posting stuff on facebook literally saying "this is what you can do/have when you dont have kids" "this is what people without kids have for saturday night dinner" #kidfree etc.... they go to fancy restaurants and extravagant holidays. So what do you get a couple like that for their housewarming?


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-do up a cheese platter with a bottle of wine
-a fancy salad bowl/ platter

Go with a Designer Fire Extinguisher:

 OMG what a great idea!
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Cats? Haha just joking, but honestly who cares they are kidless? They must think everyone with kids is jealous of their childless life to post such crap. MBut anyway! I'd get them a pot plant or something.

 Maybe they do it because their friends with kids post pictures of their kids all the time lol
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 They could just hide those people.
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Doesn't mean they won't have them or want them. My friend does this to cover her ivf grief.
A Tiffany bowl full of homemade chocolate truffles.

A bottle of Verve champagne, cheaper than Moet and so much nicer.

Haha.. I see so many stupid posts by parents " oh look Ava just did a huge poo, she's soo cute #loveofmylife"

 I have two kids and I never post stuff like that. It was the happiest day of my life when my son finally started doing poo in the toilet instead of his pants, but I never felt the need to share it with anyone except my husband! I delete my mummy friends who over share lol. Well anyone who overshares really, stuff like that is not confined to parents. I deleted someone (non parent) who was posting crap like the bruise on their arm from a blood test, the ventolin puffer they just used. Not everything has to be put on FB lol.
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