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What did you do for your 30th birthday?


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Had a party at home. It was fun but with the expense I would have rathered taken my family on a holiday.

I was 8 months pregnant with my first child, was happy being at home on Mat leave getting ready for the baby.

Went away with my two besties for spa/wine weekend.

Massive house party with friends. DJs and fun times. I didnt have kids at 30.

My 30th is next year. I have no friends and not much family so we're going to do a family holiday somewhere.

Nothing. I would have loved people to want to celebrate with me but most people went away on holiday.

Nothing really, BBQ at home and only invited 2 friends around and they didn't even have more than 2 drinks with me before going home, ex had a few drinks and went to bed. We did not go out because we couldn't afford it apparently but he always had money to go where he wanted all I wanted was one night out in the whole 13 years I was with him 😂. I was annoyed because I missed out on my 18th, 21st and every other birthday because I had kids young so was really looking forward to just having fun and getting pissed for once. 40th coming up in a few years so I will make up for it then.

Nothing big. I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd and not really in the mood to celebrate.

Out for dinner and drinks with family and a couple of close friends.

I had a combined 30th/housewarming as we'd bought and moved into our new house. Was very casual. Bbq food and kids running around.