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Why are some parents nosey about their adult children’s finances ?

My in laws asked my hubby yesterday hope you are saving and not wasting money
Hubby said I am a middle aged man and not a child
In laws said nothing


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My MIL has to because he will over spend on stupid shit and then need a loan when he needs rego for his car or something. I'm 100% behind her because it annoys me when me and the kids have to go without because he's come home with a $200 wooden sign for his man cave. I refused to tackle the money thing cause then he gets shitty cause it's "his money" so I let MIL deal with it. Other than that he is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. He just really, really sucks at budgeting lol

 Can you clear out the account once he gets paid?
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I'm sure I'll be like that cos I worry and want to make sure the kids are ok. And they're still yr kids u never stop worrying and never stop parenting until yr either incapable or dead

That is nothing. My MIL does all my partners budgeting. He does have a business though and she is doing his book keeping but he has to ask for money whenever he wants it which is really annoying. I think they thought I was going to pay for all personal bills and personal expenses including his smokes when I moved in but no, I am not living on the bones of my a*s just so he doesn't have to take money from his business. We pay half of everything except bills we had before we met. He pays his own smokes, car, mortgage and rates I pay for my car.

Have you posted this exact question before?
Parents worry that their children are going to starve and have their belongings repossessed. She's probably worried youre not heading down that road

 I am 30 and hubby is 50

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 Hope he’s rich
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 Then she's like 75 and old and she'll be dead soon so don't let it get to you
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 Her mum lived to 105^
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