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You have 1hour to yourself what do you choose to do

I think I would just sit in total silence just me and my thoughts


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Sorry don't understand question.

OP I hour to yourself no one else around what do you do how hard is that to understand
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 ☝🏻 when your being a bitch but don't realise you're the idiot who didn't get it
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 *youre , ew how did I get that wrong
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 You're 😂😂😂
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 Clearly that was a typo as she went on to use it correctly
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Sit. Drink HOT coffee. Go to the bathroom BY MYSELF. Have a shower in peace.

 Why did you have kids ?
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I don't find baths relaxing I get bored there I said it hahaha. I would watch tv or read a book and eat popcorn without sharing 👌

Just came here for the masturbation comments, wasn’t disappointed 😂


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 Did you think motherhood was going to be fun and easy?

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OMG, when I first glanced at this I thought it said you have Thor to yourself. 😂 Pretty sure SAHM wouldn’t publish my answer. 😆

Uh f**k knows. Probably procratinate like usual lol. I do get an hour to myself almost everyday (toddler naps!). But I literally just sit there and either watch tv or masturbate or eat.
If I'm out of the house for my hour, I dunno. Shop for crap I guess.

 Hahahahahah! A woman after my own heart! Lol
Pleased to see at least 4 of us are using our time wisely ..... MASTERBATING!!! 🤣😂

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 I'm all about that *self-love* life!
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Sit on the couch and soak in the silence for half an hour. Then sit with a HOT coffee, chocolate, then masturbate (2 mins).

Swim a gazillion laps in the pool at the local aquatic centre...without interruption. Effin BLISS!