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Would you confront a liar by text ?

My co worker rang me to ask me if I can work for her next day cause she has no babysitter and I wrote sorry have commitments
Next day she texts me to say she’s at work and has 3 babysitters ( 4 hours each ) she has been stressed
Hubby has said to me he has a bad feeling about her


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Confront her for what? Everything she wrote could have been true for her. She may not have had easy access to babysitters but had to in the end employ some or ask acquaintances that she didn't feel comfortable asking until she was put in the position to have to.
And she probably is stressed and finding babysitters was an extra stress. Or maybe she just wanted to be home with her kids because that's where she feels happy after being stressed.
Who knows.
She could have written a text thinking it was clear what she meant but you've taken it a different way. That's the thing about texts, it's very easy to not really understand what that person 100% meant.
She asked you and you said no. Which is your right.
But I dont see what calling her a liar will achieve unless this is the last of many obvious events of catching her lying.

She's probably got some ring ins looking her kids, people she doesn't trust. Her children safety could be compromised because your a selfish arsehat. You know nothing about her life stop being such a twat it's ugly.

Some of you people need to get a life. Maybe she didn’t want to work because it was stressful managing 3 baby sitters.

 She lied she has no babysitter
Now has 3

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 In her defence maybe she was saying she didn't have a sitter to do a whole shift instead of having to sort 3 people and work with their schedules. If the relationship between you and her is not all that important then yes, call her out on it. Otherwise let it go babe 😊
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Probably just didn't want to work. So she tried the most obvious excuse ”babysitter”

 I know
I hate liars

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 I hate arseholes....everyone hates someone
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Keep a record of everything she says to you. Request she text rather than ring so you have a written record and keep your responses polite and short - imagine the conversation is something you will be showing your boss when the trouble starts.