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Is this abuse?

Hubby wants me to stay home next mth when I am 5 mths pregnant
also wants 5 kids soon before babies turns 1 I will be home for 36 years
When this one is 6 weeks he wants to get me pregnant
Sorry for confusion
Smart women will understand me


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Well the dude would be getting on in his years now. What is he 61? Needs to get them out quickly before Greek daddy kicks the bucket. Be more understanding!

 Really your not the one spitting a kid out every 12 months for the next 5 years stuff that that not right at all.
you need to have a brake in between them that's were shit goes wrong and compilations happen

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 Your not 61 trying to keep up having an affair with a 24 year old with 9 kids already. This man needs his seeds spread before he dies!
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Being submissive and pumping out babies is part of your wifely duties.

I must be dumb coz i dont get the point? Your currently 4 months pregnant- hubby wants you to stay home next month (as in quit work???) and he wants 5 kids and wants to try again after your baby is born??? If that is right? I dont think its abuse- i think its something to discuss... most couples dicuss when they want kids, age gaps etc. Not sure what staying home for 36yrs means... im lost... sorry... hopefully some smart people will understand your post and help out

Medically it's best for both you and the future babies if you give yourself 12 months to rest and rebuild nutritional stocks etc.

It's not abuse, but if it's not what you want then you need to discuss it with your husband.

No of course not. If that's what hubby wants then that's what you should do.

 Like f*k we not going to be a stay at home dad and help he gunna run a hide
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I would leave home at home to babysit when the badly is a few weeks old. After the sleep at the time phase is up. Then tell him to times that by five and add vomit, shit, pee, sleepless nights, big food bills, expensive schooling, birthdays, parties, Christmases etc. or just estimate what it would cost you to have as many children as he wants and that will stop him. If that doesn't show him a show where they have plenty of kids and never get to go on holidays or do a lot of fun stuff because they cannot afford it. He may need to get an extra couple of jobs. Keep us updated please.

 Fathers don't "babysit" they parent.
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 Ok parent his child. Happy now? How do you get through each day picking up every little thing that someone may do, misspell etc. whatever it maybe. Not everyone is perfect like you.
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 I'm not perfect, and I couldn't care less about spelling or grammatical errors on a parenting forum.
One thing I truly hate however is the attitude that women are supposed to be 24 hour parenting slaves and men can breeze in and out of parenting and should be praised for their miniscule effort. Hence hating the term babysitting in reference to fathers being alone with their children.
I'm not trying to correct you, or point out errors, I'm simply hoping that becoming aware of the language used can have a big impact in regards to changing this ridiculous notion.

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I get you darl except we have 6girls all between 11-13 months apart yeh I get the home for 36 years not like you can go to work or have much of a life hay preg with one breastfeeding another chasing another kinder for another it's full on trust me I've 7 kids and prg with no 8.. We really didn't plan our kids to be this close it just happened that way yes there all really close and have each others backs. There all in primary school. Prep yr1,yr2, yr3, yr4, yr5, and one in kinder and one at home. Best thing you can do is talk to your partner tell him how you really feel about it. Some people are able to handle it and trust me it's full on there is never a dull moment 1 spewing 1 screaming 2 fighting 1 shitty nappy you only have 2hands there it happens at once best of luck and hope ur partner supports you as I do it on my own hubby truck driver

 Well smart arse I pay my taxes I fuking work thanks I may have 7kids I have a life and a great one least I have a family and a great bond with my kids we go on overseas trips every year and and same with holidays were always doing something. Your probably a lonely sad woman with not much of a life most likely sponging my tax money to put a roof over ur head and struggle to feed ur self
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 you said you 'cant' work and then you said you do. Which is it?
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 Lol. 'Cant' work on paper. It'll f**k up the welfare payments. She works cash in hand so she can still get her hand out.
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