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Did you know that if you become a carer for your niece or nephew you need a childs clearance ?


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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a WWCC doesn't 100% make a person safe. It just means they may be safe, or may not be and just haven't been caught.

Most cases of children being abused happen by people in close contact with children therefore needing a WWCC... I'm looking at the priests, teachers, coaches etc. It's not a real safeguard in my opinion.

 Not that I don't think they should run one on new carers, but don't let it make you think there is no risk to the child simply because the adult has a WWCC.
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 But it is really suspicious if you don't want to get one and you're working with children
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 I absolutely agree with that. No one should baulk at having a check done if you will be a child's carer.
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News to me. Depends which country you are in. But makes sense that if you are taking over carer that authorities would ensure you are fit for that responsibility and the child would be safe. Being related doesnt mean the child would be safe.

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Clearance for what?
I have my niece living with me and I have no idea what your talking about

 If an eight-year-old were placed formally in the care of her aunt, the aunt would require a Working with Children Check. In this situation, the aunt is the child’s approved carer. Even though the aunt is closely related to her niece, and the care she provides is personal and domestic, she must still get a Working with Children Check because she is an approved carer. Similarly, the aunt’s partner must have a Working with Children Check because they live with the aunt, who is an approved carer.
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 So they should being related or not everyone caring for kids should have wwcc so the authorities know the kids are safe
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 So I am the person who wrote that reply and I have never been asked to formally get a wwcc.
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And so you should have one! You're looking after a child, and you should have a working with children's check. If you can't get one, is because you aren't fit to look after children! And if your are a carer it's $11 because carer is a volunteer position