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Barnaby says climate change is caused by the suns magnetic field? Why do the LNP refuse to listen to scientists and the firies on climate change? Is it because they’re stupid?


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I would rather listen to Barnaby any day over Greta the entitled, over-indulged brat.

 Same! Great annoys me so much
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Climate change/global warming is all propaganda. Wake up, sheep!

My question is why everyday people ignore the science. Our neighbours are building a monstrous mansion with giant pool, air con obviously throughout. Do they care? Do people care buying toys every weekend for their kids, especially the small plastic junk which breaks? Or keeping all their lawns overly green?

I’m no hippy, but it’s so easy to point fingers and distract ourselves. Right now, politicians should be focused on the fires., let’s discuss those things later

Climate change is absolutely natural. Has everyone forgotten the ice age? Ffs.

 At the rate it’s changing it’s not natural. Naturally it’s a slow process but we have accelerated it greatly. You’d have to be blind if you can’t see the harm humans are doing to the earth
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 ^No one knows if its natural or not!!

Are you God or something???


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 I’m not making it up. Scientists do know the rates in which other climate changes happened. SCIENTISTS. I’d sooner believe believe them than Barnaby Joyce
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Can anyone actually explain to me what "cimate change" ACTUALLY is?
Everyone likes throwing the word around but everyone looks like wankers when some actually asks them what is happening and what can be done!
Go back to your village.

 Climate change is any significant long-term change in the expected patterns of average weather of a region over a significant period of time. Climate change is about abnormal variations to the climate, and the effects of these variations on other parts of the Earth. Climate change is natural and has occurred numerous times over the millennia. The key word here is abnormal. The climate is changing at a never before seen and unprecedented rate. Temperatures are higher on average on land and in the oceans. Weather patterns are erratic. We are seeing more flooding, more droughts, higher temperatures, stronger storms, etc. Higher temperatures mean there will be more difficultly growing enough food to sustain the Earth’s population. If it goes high enough, ice caps will melt causing the ocean levels to rise. Coastlines will change and some places will become uninhabitable. Plants are being found in higher than normal elevations on order to find a place for optimal growth. The same thing is happening in the animal kingdom as well. Those who don’t adapt quickly enough will go extinct.
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 What can be done? First it will require a huge change in the way governments think around the world. Next the average everyday citizen needs to recognise it as well. Companies will need to be held responsible for cutting down on the pollution. We need to stop burning coal and cutting down forests. A focus will need to be made on using renewable resources and recycling needs to be widespread. We have to stop being such a throwaway Society. Emissions for planes, cars and trains need to be cut drastically. We need to plant trees in deforested areas. These are just a few ideas. Everyone needs to be on board and it, as I said, will require a fundamental change in the way the world as a whole thinks.
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 🤣 Fantastic. I could never have explained it that well 👍
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