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Mouse !! Mortified!

I'm so embarrassed to admit this but we've got a mouse!!!
4 nights now and we're basicly feeding him with traps :/
How do we get ride of him?!
I cleaned out all the cupboards he hasn't been in the pantry ...not that we have much at all in the pantry just one small shelf of food... but I feel just disgusted knowing Jess around


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We could not catch the mouse in our kitchen for aaaaaages. It managed to get every. Single. Bit. Of food off the traps. The only thing that eventually worked was melting chocolate and pouring it onto the bait bit of the trap. Got him that night. Also, go round your cupboards and seal up any holes (from pipes etc) with steel wool. They can't chew through it.

OP Thanks a lot that sounds good
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Why are you embarrassed? A mouse doesn't mean a dirty house. It means they have found a comfy place somewhere in your house to nest.

This time of year when it starts to cool down and they seek warmth we see the odd mouse. I buy those throw poison packets. I put them where I've seen evidence of mouse activity. They chew through them and feast on the poison pellets. I suggest you buy some of those.

 What those pellets do, is actually make the mice thirsty, so they go and look for water. As soon as they drink - boom! Bloated and dead!!
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 Leave out water close when you use those. Mice and rats will chew threw pipes to get water if they can't find any.
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Be careful with those throw packs of ratsak etc. If a mouse has taken some, and you have pets, which happen to eat said mouse, your pet will be in danger too. Also, if the mice get in your walls or roof and die because of the ratsak, the smell will be unbelievable. Like you will want to move out unbelievable! Traps are safest (away from little fingers of course).

Answered by OP

I guess I was embarrassed as Iv always kept a clean hour but the 1 year old is just terrible with food and I'm always finding scraps over the house at night

OP I figured I hadn't kept on top of the scraps quick enough
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Burn the house down and run!

OP Also another reasonable suggested lol
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I had mice in my new house when they started doing more construction work in the area and it was not only my house but loads of others too. I went to Bunnings and got the mouse traps that are enclosed (Called the Big Cheese trap) and put peanut butter in the food part. Once the mouse goes in it gets trapped then you only have to dispose of the trap. I ended up catching a few mice in them and the peanut butter works great you just have to set the traps near where the mice run so along skirting boards is great. Once the mice are caught and you have the traps out and don't catch any more mice then get the doorway snakes and put peppermint oil on them and place them around your doors the mice don't like peppermint oil and it keeps them out.

 Peppermint oil does not work
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OP Oh wow a little cage trap sounds like the trick thanks alot
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Know anyone with a foxy (dog)? Or a cat..

 Pressed too soon..anyway, foxys love chasing mice and rats.
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 We have both 😂😂 ive never seen a live mouse but ive seen dead ones that have clearly been killed by an animal
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 Our neighbours have chickens along the back fence though and give them hay for nesting. Mice love that stuff
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you know just because you have a mouse doesn't mean your dirty they are cunning bastards and can fit through tiny gaps.
walk around your house shove some steel wall in any hole you find melt some cheese on your traps it's sticky they can't get it off as easily. A helpful tip is mice tend to follow the same path around your house they have taken before.

Since it's the weekend, why not take your family camping? Put all the food in an airtight container, vacuum, and leave a nice little rat poison for mousey? Then when you're back, you just follow the smell of dead mouse.

Look for black rub marks on walls/furniture and poo. This is the path the mouse likes to travel and the best spot for the trap.

Also look at the poo, if it is lots together it is a mouse. If it is larger and more spread out you may have a rat.

Make sure to plug in any holes around the house with steel wool to stop more coming in or worse to stop a wild snake following the mice trail into your home...

I agree that pet cats and (foxy) dogs work best at getting rid of mice and rats. No matter what type of trap/poison we couldn't get rid of them but when our neighbour got an outdoor cat we finally have no more.

Look for a nest and don't leave easy access to nesting materials like cotton wool, paper piles, dryer lint etc.

Seal all food in airtight containers. Mice can chew through plastic and paper packaging and carry some nasty sicknesses that you don't want to catch. Do the dishes and empty the bin before bed each night. Each morning use a disinfectant on the kitchen counters in case it has walked on them to not contaminate food you prepare.

Mouse is nothing! We had a possum in the house last week!

For the mouse issue... I found the most effective thing for us is to keep a box of bait up high near our ceiling. We don't have any rats/mice inside the house. They must come in, eat the poison and then go outside to find water and die. Very rare for us to have a dead one in the house. Because the weather is getting cooler it's probably just looking for a nice warm place to sleep. Just make sure you check bait regularly and refill when you need to.

 Agree possums are worse! We had a family living inside one of our walls that was a nightmare!
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OP We have had a possum around the yard but he stayed there never got into the house or roof
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OP He comes up in the dishwasher (which we don't use) so I'd be too scared to poison him and be stuck with a dead mouse in the pipes
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 Ooohhh that's tricky. I'd try the big cheese trap like someone else suggested with the peanut butter. Good luck!
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