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A question for the men on here.

Have you ever had issues getting it up and keeping it up? What causes this and what can I do to move things along


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SAHD here. I answered this before but it got deleted I think. Worst thing my partner used to do was express her frustration at me not being able to get an erection, or losing it during an extended session of going down on her and not being able to get hard again. That just made it harder (no pun intended) for me. She didn't mean to look frustrated but she has a very expressive face. Being spontaneous also helped rather than waiting until we got into bed, because then I'd know that I was going to need to get hard and would have time to worry about it. Hope this helps!


 I wrote a response but it doesnt look like its been approved soo ill write it here.
ED can be created for a whole varitey of reasons IE performance anxitey , stress , drinking , drugs.

Going and seeing a doctor would be a good idea theres a few things they could help him with. Us guys genrally only go and see a doctor about down there unless its going to fall off in the next 24 hours🤣🤣🤣 offering to go to the appointment with him might make him feel more comfortable. There are allot of natural stimulants on the market you could try aswell.
Hope that helps.

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My husband did and had issues ejaculating. Turns out it was due to medication he was taking. As soon as it was stopped everything went back to normal xx

Yes. Bloke here. If I'm having trouble the worst thing my DP can do is get frustrated by it and express that frustration. That just gets in my head.

Cant say i have. From my understanding ED can be caused by many issues ie performance anxitey , stress , drinking , drugs. Being open with him and taking things slowly with foreplay would help. Seeing a doctor wouldnt be a bad thing there is the chance he could get a perscription for viagra but there are also other non drug stimulants on the market. If he hesatates to go offer to go with him for some support. Us guys only really go see a doctor about down there if our dicks are going to fall of in the next 24 hours 🤣🤣🤣

Kudos to you for trying to help him. Us guys have such a ego problem when it comes too our co**s yet we are probably the most self concious gender when it comes to down there.