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Baby #3

Currently TTC #3. Were young and fit. Have had no issues in the past but I'm curious to know how long it has taken everyone else to fall pregnant with #3. Just a bit of entertainment on a Sunday morning ♥️


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Never had to try for a baby, I get knocked up by looking at a penis.

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 Same. My 3rd was actually a suprise im
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 Im an older mum. Hes perfectly healthy but im terrified of getting pg again!
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It took us 2 glasses of wine, a broken condom, and a MAP that didn't take to conceive our number 3. So, all in all, probably 3 days 😂
And she's been full of surprises ever since.

OP Hahahaha I love it!
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Love my three. Always wanted three. A boy in between two girls. No stress or hagardness with me. Youngest is almost a teen and I’ve cherished every one of her milestones as much as I did with my other two kids.

I’m not trolling but genuinely why 3 ?
Most of my friends with three are just so much more haggard and literally can’t wait for the third to reach every milestone, it takes the fun out of it.
I can understand if you have two of the same gender is this all it is?

 Thats your opinion based on one friend. I have several friends with three and are happy successful, full time or part time working mums. Who are also very happy
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 There are studies that say 3 kids are the most stressful. We used to have 3, until we had our fourth last year, and can confirm (for me) that it's true. When we had 3 we were still trying to live the same kind of life we had when there were only 2. But with an extra kid, it was just too much. When our fourth came along, we stopped and thought "well we're a big family now" and adjusted our mindset accordingly. I can't imagine rushing to milestones with our baby. He's our last and I want him to be little as long as possible.
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 To the above poster, I find what you’ve said really interesting and thought provoking. Thank you! I’m not far off from having our 3rd (and last). I don’t want to rush milestones on our last baby but I probably will need to alter my mindset and slow down a bit instead of living our busy 2 children life.
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 Different people have different experiences
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OP Because I want one
Not being rude but I don't feel like my family is complete

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 I still beleive its one persons opinion.. studies mean nothing!
I have proof three kids r doable, not hard! Easy, fun!

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 I have more than one friend with three and all are the same, but all don’t regret their choice. With respect to the mindset of 2,3 kids I find that very interesting. I also have a friend who had three girls and had a fourth she got a gorgeous boy. I told her I didn’t feel like her family was complete when she had her third girl but I didn’t say anything until after her fourth pregnancy and she told me she felt that too. So thanks for sharing I forgot about this until you said you didn’t feel complete. Good luck to you.
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 I don't know anyone who actually has a 3rd baby to try for another gender😯 we have 2 girls then a boy i certainly didn't have him to try for a boy i wanted a 3rd child!
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