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Nut products in school

Does your childs school allow nut products (ie peanut butter, almonds, etc)? I'm just curious. My kids school is strictly no nuts.


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Ours don’t as you must ingest for a reaction not just touch to begin anaphylaxis. I have anaphylaxis to peanuts, tree nuts and coconuts. My son has idiopathic anaphylaxis.

READ: “Teach patients that ingestion, rather than casual exposure through the skin or close proximity to (peanut), is almost the only route for triggering allergic/anaphylactic reactions.”

A study was done taking 30 children with severe peanut allergy. They were either exposed to peanut butter by inhalation or by touching peanut butter. None of the 30 children experienced a systemic or respiratory reaction. Although some children did develop redness on the skin after touching peanut butter.


 30 children is not a big enough sample size to draw a conclusion from. The reality is that each individual is different with some children they must consume the allergen to have a reaction, but for others they CAN be triggered just by touching the allergen.
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 My friend’s son has had anaphylaxis from casual exposure to nuts. It might be rare but it can happen and he has almost died from it.
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 I have severe anaphylaxis to nuts and have never had a reaction to touch nor has my daughter it is extremely rare
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 Explain anaphylaxis to insects then.
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 My son only has to touch peanuts and will react.
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 Bullshit. Tell that to my sister who lost 3 year old daughter to anaphylaxis because someone who had been eating peanut butter touched her. People like you are disgusting.
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OP Yeah, I have a touch allergy to something (not peanuts though). It gives me a gross rash. If I ingest the food, it makes it hard to breathe and my throat feels like it's on fire.
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We don’t have a ban on nuts. Kids can bring nut products in their own lunches but if they bring in something to share they do request that it be nut free.

Nothing wrong with nuts in school as children with allergies generally are cautious and can identity what they need to be careful of. But agree with ingesting. To have a reaction from touch is highly unlikely

3 different primary schools for my kids and not one of them had restrictions but all of them had kids with severe allergies. No reactions! The kids with allergies always knew not to eat anything that wasn't theirs unless it had been given the OK by mum.

Allowed them at both my kids school, my daughters teacher is vegan and told me daughter she had to sit outside the classroom to eat one day as she had a cold sausage leftover from the previous nights BBQ. Let's just say my daughter can have whatever she wants in her lunch and can eat at her desk like everyone else. I'm fine with no nuts etc if a child in the class is allergic, but there's no way I'm restricting their lunch because someone's bloody vegan BY CHOICE!

 I hope you made a complaint. I’d definately be having a go at the teacher if she did that to my kid.
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My child school can have anything and everything and my daughter is anaphylactic (not to nuts) But the centre I work at is strictly no nuts and eggs

My kids have been to 4 primary schools. The first 3 in WA were strictly nut free and in one case banana free. The 4th in Qld seems a bit more relaxed about it. I don't have a problem with it especially in the younger classes.

My son wasn't allowed any nut or egg products last year because a child in the same block had an anaphylactic allergy to both. I only found out because I asked the teacher if peanuts were allowed.
I only just discovered they don't care this year because my son's in a different block & they only eat outside their own classroom.
It's a good school but crap communication.