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do cruise ships cater for food allergies? To be exact gluten free for a celiac and lactose free as well.


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On Carnival and P&O the restraunts and buffet have marked gluten free options just like any other, with lactose I suppose you would need to ask for each particular dish... like most other restraunts.

Royal Caribbean has a whole gluten free section. Not sure if there was any cross contamination I don’t eat it.

When you book a cruise questions about food allergies are usually addressed then. Once on board people with food allergies generally have to fill out a menu 24 hours ahead and mention to waiter that they have a special meal. I think order is connected to room. I have even seen a lady have special milk for cappuccino provided as they specifically requested pre cruise.
Talk to your travel agent & good luck!

why ask here, ask the cruise liner company

OP Often restaurants or cafes say they are gluten free but then cross contaminate in the cooking or serving process so I was hoping to get feedback from other celiacs that have gone on a cruise to see how they went. If cross contamination was to happen it could ruin the holiday. A lot of places are well trained though and there fore safe to eat at but we always need to be very careful. Only something a celiac would understand I guess. Thanks for your input though. 👍🏻
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 I would read up on celiac forums. A friend of mine is newly diagnosed and finding celiac forums and fb groups very informative and helpful
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 I am a member of an Australian coeliac Facebook page (my son is coeliac) and I have seen P&O discussed numerous times. The general consensus is that they are very good at catering for gluten free. You do have to let them know ahead of time and they will work with you. I think buffets are a no go but sit down meals are ok.
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Go to the chemist and get tablets for lactose intolerance like lateeze tablets. Best investment ever. Take one tablet for something with a little bit of dairy like cooked with butter and take up to 3 tablets for rich dairy like ice cream and cream. Take them just before you eat.
I love dairy but it hates me. These saved by love for dairy. Just a warning though, I found they don't work on me if I drink any amount of alcohol. Might be different for you.