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HPV 18. I've been referred on since getting this result. Anyone able to give me their experience please?


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Usually the doctor will refer you to see a gynaecologist to get another test done to ensure there are no cell Changes. This is similar to a pap smear but the doctor uses a microscope to watch closely. HPV can be cleared up within 5 years I’ve been told with good nutrition and exercise. I am going through this too, it is scary but the more you take care of your health the better you can fight the hpv. Shiitake mushrooms have been said to be a good source of nutrients. All the best.

OP Thanks for the info
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 This is incorrect you can’t misinform people by saying it cleared up alone! It is impossible it is cancerous cells
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I forget the medical name for it but i had the lining of my cervical wall burnt off 15 years ago. It was uncomfortable but nothing too dramatic.

OP Thanks for your reply
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 Lletz procedure
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 ^ Had that. Yuck
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I had HPV back in 2015 I had half of my cervix removed. I had pap smears every 12 weeks for 5 years. Now I've had another smear back with bad cells. I've now gone back to my gynecologist. I recommend going private and finding one who has experience in oncology as well.

OP I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it all goes well for you.
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