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How will your weekend be spent?

I am scrubbing my house. I've neglected it lately as I've been so busy.
It smells like my laundry smells and I don't know how to fix it!
Help please!
Also I hope you have a lovely weekend doing much more fun things than me


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I'm doing cleaning on Saturday and planning on taking the kids out to a park after Church on Sunday completed with a picnic - just hoping it doesn't rain.

Market in the morning for vegetables. Brunch in town. Dinner with friends Sat night. Out on the boat on Sunday.... yes we live in paradise!

Air it out, sprinkle bi carb on any carpet/upholstery, wipe the walls down with a weak vinegar and water solution.

My weekend will be the same as yours :-(

Family photos on Saturday first thing in the morning then the rest of the morning gymnastics with the kids. Saturday church and my oldest son gymnastics comp

Sleep in til 11, have sex, go food shipping, go out for dinner, tv, cuddle/ pillow talk time, sleep... I love my kid free life

 lol sounds like a snorefest to me
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