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What was the best present you ever got?


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my mother in law looked after our kids while we were at the cost for Christmas. I got 4 hours with on Christmas night by ourselves. That's is the longest my husband and I have had together on a date alone since I had our son 8 years ago.

A watch for Christmas this year from my mum. It's not much and it's not a pricey one, but this is the last year I have her so I will cherish it forever.

Beautiful hard cover, fully illustrated copy of alice in wonderland and through the looking glass from my mum when i was 8.
My mum is not a great gift giver (no offence to her!) Cos shes a last minute gift buyer but she absolutely nailed this.
I still have and treasure this book

A horse when I was 15. Diamond earrings for my 21st from hubby

Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban from my mum for Christmas when I was nine started my reading obsession