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Is your partner pain in the arse with food ?

My partner can’t eat plain ice cream
Can’t eat pancakes without cream or ice cream


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My husband is usually ok with whatever I cook. Occasionally he won't like it but if the kids are eating and he complains causing them to stop eating and complain too - then he gets to cook them something different. He doesn't complain anymore or mentions to me quietly afterwards that he wasn't too fond of it and could I not make it again.

Hmmm this behaviour would be met in my house with - Do it yourself then. I am not your slave.

Yep. Cooked fresh fish tonight. He complained. Appatently the problem with fresh fish is that it isn't bled properly so doesn't taste as nice. As nice as guess what ? Fish fingers. He can stick fish fingers up his arse in future.

 Hahaha sorry 😆 I love your response 😂
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Changing partners is the problem !
Previous one liked everything hot, loved my curries and hot stir fries.
This one wont eat anything hot at all. So boring to cook for, and what he cooks is tasteless too.
I am having to do a big un-learn, and have to be so careful that I don't just automatically cook what I have for years and years.
But hes worth it, can fix anything that needs fixing, and does it before I even notice it needs doing.
And he has taught me other flavours, like vanilla ice cream sprinkled with chocolate drink powder. Yummo !

 Milo on ice cream is the bomb!!!! Just saying 😂🤣
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Yes- he will only eat spag bol, pizza (pepperoni only), cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, oven baked fish and meat and 3 veg. Mash potato must be plain with no added salt, pepper, butter or milk. Everything else is met with a look of disgust. Once he dry heaved because I made apricot chicken. If I make curry for myself he whinges about the smell for three days. 🙄🙄🙄

 Oh that would drive me spare.... actually i would probably just make curry more often 😆
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If you ask him, my partner will say he'll eat anything. Except seafood, steak, salad, most deli foods (and on, and on.....) All the stuff I love.

The worst thing tho is he'll gobble leftovers as a 'late night snack' unless I specifically point & say don't eat that. So too bad if I was going to turn leftovers into tomorrow night's dinner or lunch. Grrrrr.

 This! So many times I come home from work and the bloody dinner for the night has been gorged on when it wasn't good enough the previous night.
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Yeah. Mine eats as if he's still 10. Sprinkles on ice cream?? Really??? Don't even get me started on how he holds his cutlery