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Do you let your toddler or kids interupt your conversation?

Yesterday my friends 5 year old son was a little shit
Mummy mummy every 2 min and my friend attend to his stupid whinging
I left after 30 min


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I wouldn’t ignore my child especially if they are around toddler age But if they just kept doing it every 2 minutes all you need is to sit them down and distract them with a toy or colouring book and explain to them that you are talking to your friend and not Interupt. Not that big of deal haha

Unfortunately kids are kids and although you may teach them not to interrupt chances are most still will. Some friend you are leaving because of that. Do you actually have small children? Do you think it’s fun for a mum to be constantly interrupted or called by her child? Behave like an adult would you. 🙄

No I don’t but I’ve noticed it’s not just kids who interrupt. And adults enable kids as much as other adults and it’s irritating. And so rude.

Yes. Kids are more important. Adults can wait, little kids can't.

 Adults can wait because they've been taught to wait. Children need to be taught manners
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 Adults can wait because that have the cognitive ability to
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 And so do children...
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 ^exactly. I'm not going to shush my child to hear insignificant chit chat, especially if they need the toilet or have just made sn incredible discovery in their magical little world.
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 Good luck with that.
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 No luck required dear ❤️
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I have this same problem with my sister in the phone. It's rude as. Unless it's really important my kids know not to interrupt adults conversations.