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New slow cooker recipes please

After some ideas, my hubby cringed when I get the machine out, any ideas?


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Veggie curry- half a jar of paste (any, we use korma) 2 tins of coconut cream, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, cauliflower, carrots, leeks, add green beans and peas towards the end of cooking. Favourite in our house!

OP Thank you! That sounds right up my alley abc hubby loves curries. Can I bither you for measurements of the veggies? Size of chopping? And normal 8hrs slow/4hours high?
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Try these? Happy cooking!

Try this one. It was an absolute hit with my hubby, who isn't a slow cooker fan!

OP Perfect, thanks! Might try it in the next few days, can I ask what brand block cream cheese you use? It's a new ingredient for me
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 I make a similar one, but use French onion soup (dry packet mix) and the normal lite phili cheese block.
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 There is a French onion cream cheese.. if you can't find it, just a block of plain Philadelphia cream cheese and half a packet of dried French onion soup achieves the same flavour :-) I heard some people used the sweet chilli cream cheese and it was also delicious :-Ah, and make sure to get the cooking cream, so it doesn't split.
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Potatoes and sweet potato, carrot cut up small but not too small. Some onion and garlic.
2l beef stock (or 1l each beef and veg)
Seasoning/rub on brisket, chilli flakes or something also.
Red wine

Season brisket, for 24hrs if possible, if not doesn't matter.
Throw in diced Vege and stock, wine. Meat on top of it. Cook until it falls apart. Then at the end add either gravy powder or cornfkour to the liquid once all is removed to create a gravy.
Usually we have on rolls.

 Or a curry..i use 1.5kg slow cooker beef from Woolworths, Indian curry paste of your taste (we use Rogan Josh), red curry paste and lime leaves

1/2 jar curry paste per kg
2tbs red curry paste per kg
Cut up potatoes and sweet potatoes small, rather small like size of meat cubes or less (don't need them but it's nice and bulks it out)
Few kaffir lime leaves
Some garlic cloves and can add onion if wanted
Tin tomatoes diced
Add an empty tomato tin worth of water
Cook til meat is tender as and we usually add cornflour at the end to make it thicker if it's too runny

Both these recipes I've posted we usually cook in a cast iron camp fire pot on our gas stove and they're great but slow cooker will work also :)

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Pork spag wog style:

Pork rashers- cut skin strip part off
2 onions- chopped smallish
Small eggplant/ or 3/4 big one
Parmy cheese- dry and fresh
Italian herb mix
+ fresh basil n parsley if you have it
1 tin of tomatos, or about 6 fresh ones chopped smallish
Tomato paste jar

I put all ingredients in and let it be 7-8hrs on low.

On stove top the method is:
Fry off garlic and onion until clear in large saucepan
Add pork rashes- put lid on saucepan for 5 mins
Once meat is greyish, add chopped eggplant and herbs
Once eggplant is broken down abit, add the rest of ingredients- toms, paste, dry parmy etc, add 1 cup of hot water.
Cook for 3-4hrs on low heat, stir every 15-25 mins.
Add fresh parmy, fresh herbs towards the end
Serve with spaghetti

BBQ pulled pork. Mix together 1 cup of beef broth, 1/4 cup of Hot sauce and 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce and pour over pork shoulder. Cook for 4-5 hours in high or 7-8 on low. Reserve about 1/2 c of the broth, remove fat from pork and shred. Mix in enough of the broth to make moist but not soggy and mix in your favourite BBQ sauce. Serve as is or on sandwich buns.

There's a few good slow cooker recipe Facebook groups that you can join.