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Any one else struggle with homework?

Legit , I’m the worst mum with sight words, and now homework. Eldest is yeR two and now getting homework. Iv barely done sight words or readers for 2 years

In school I NEVER did my homework. Literally never. Now I’m afraid I’m passing those habits to my kids.
I just, we finish school, head to. Sports or the beach, dinner bath and bed, I only get about 3 and a half hours after school with them, seems so hard to even make 15 minutes.
My kids all get along so I just feel like I’m interrupting then playing when they haven’t seen each other all day.

Every week I try to be better but every week we fail to even run through sight words usually :/

Am I the only one? Or so wither mumS struggle sometimes I feel like I’m failing my kids in this area.


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The expectation for my kids has always been that they do their homework. Not doing it has never been an option. They come home, change, have a snack and relax. Then homework before heading out to sport. When they were in lower primary it was usually a worksheet that was given out on Monday and due on Friday plus reading so not that hard. My youngest is in year 5 and is in the advanced learners class. His homework is a bit more intense now but because he was already in the habit it isn’t a problem for him. My oldest is in the high achievers in Year 10 and definitely has a lot of homework. I don’t have to remind him to get it done, he just does it. Mind you, they don’t enjoy homework but they do it without a fuss.

I feel for you but stick with it, it is about habits, building confidence and setting expectations. My kids are teens now and I credit my perseverance and discipline with them when they were young to the responsibility and commitment they show now. I have a friend who basically let her kids do whatever and they have not changed one bit. They are always mixing with the wrong people and don’t do any homework and perform poorly. The sad part is they are bright kids but are not reaching their potential.

 You're talking about my kids I'm pretty sure 😂
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 Absolutely agree! My kids are teens too and they have a great work ethic which I contribute to putting in lots of effort into their learning when they were younger!
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 My teen has finished high school two years early and has a Diploma and is going to Uni next year. And i never made her do homework in primary school, i would tell the teacher every year ‘that we dont do homework, we play instead’ - make of that what you will.
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 That's amazing. Have you mentioned this on a post some time ago? I remember something about finishing high school at TAFE. I wanted to find out more about that but I couldn't find that post again
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 ^ hi there 😊 yes i have, what would you like to know?
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 ^^ do you think lack of homework is the reason she finished high school 2 years early, or is she just extremely bright?
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 Hi OP ^ This is not my post. I really wanted to know the process. How to get started and do they follow the same curriculum as the schools? Thanx
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My kids are year 2 and year 4. I don’t enjoy it but I want them to get into good habits now so that as they move through primary school and into high school it will be easier as the expectations of homework are greater and far more important.

We do 30 minutes max right after school before they get too involved in play, Monday -Thursday, I give themFriday and the weekend off. Reading, sight words, any set homework. It was a bit of a struggle to get that routine in place but now it’s locked in it’s not so hard.

 Great tip about doing it mon-thur
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I know it's a pain but there's lots of good reasons to keep at it. 1. Setting up good habits for high school when they'll really need to do it. 2. Showing them that YOU value education and think this stuff is worth doing - parent's attitude has a massive effect on kids learning. 3. Spending some one-on-one time with them. Might not seem like 'quality time' but it is, shows that you care about them & want them to do well.

It’s harder when one year the teacher sets lots of homework and the next year that different teacher doesn’t believe in homework. Kids need a routine. In primary I think half an hour everyday is enough. But they should get something because in high school they will get shit loads of homework and they need to be prepared for it. If your kid gets no homework, ask them what they learnt at school that day and just talk about it. And of course make sure they read a little each night.

I hate it, but we do it. DS is ASD & throws tantrums when he doesn't want to do work. If I let him get away with it, he'll know it's an option whenever he wants out of doing anything. We do it as soon as we get home as I'm forming get work done, then play, habits & the importance of education. If we don't, he'll fall behind. He understands that is the rule & does it now. It's critical I lay down good habits now or he'll struggle all through school.

You sound like me, im glad your out there, we are suppose to do 15 min reading, 10 min reading eggs or mathletics and she has a big project every three weeks, usually a powerpoint. She is year 3.

I hate it especially the powerpoints its basically just more work for me. Im failing homework, and thinking about opting out forever.

 Dont do the powerpoint for them! Let them write out the ideas on paper and then help them put it on a powerpoint. I have year 4 and year 2, and I dont do their powerpoint for them. You can tell which parents did it for them anyway because the kids ones read like a kid wrote it and the adult ones dont.
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 OP of this comment. I dont do the powerpoint for her, she does all of it herself, she researches online, and puts the whole thing together. It is still ‘work’ for me as i have to supervise her and keep her aware of the deadline etc. and frankly i cant be bothered.
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 4 & 2 year olds should not be doing powerpoints, LET THEM PLAY
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 ^ she means year 2 and 4. Not 2 and 4 year olds.
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Its changed. We didn't get much homework at school but our kids do.
I have a year 4 a year 2 and younger kids. I always get them to do set tasks like writing or maths, and set spelling words but as far as reading goes I let them read what they want. The school readers are boring so who cares if they read diary of a wimpy kid instead? Its still reading and there isnt a battle.

 My DS loves reading. He's incredibly advanced, so school put him on an advanced program. They also know I won't push reading on him or force him to do the online quizzes (that rate the school higher) because he might (like now) be on a reading binge for days, then not read for a week. I refuse to taint his love of reading by turning it into a chore. We've got bigger battles to fight!
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Ugh I'm lazy with it. I get just them to read half a page of a random book and sign the daily reader. As for site words my kids have never brought there's home hehe

 Don’t know why you’re laughing, that’s really slack parenting.
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 I know someone like you. Couldn't be bothered then rips into the education system and blames it because her kids can't read, write or spell.
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