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Woolworths Priority Grocery Delivery

Has anyone qualified for that? If so what are your circumstances? I've applied for it but only put down as being immune compromised (I have an autoimmune disorder) when I should have put other (because I also am a solo parent of 4 little ones including a baby who would have to go to the store with me whenever we need food). I'm just not sure if I count as enough for this service. I mean, the autoimmune disorder isn't life threatening, and I'd probably survive COVID if I caught it. And I don't want to seem entitled because I have kids, but there's really no one who could watch them when I go out. And our group size alone makes it hard to manoeuvre around with the social distancing rules (unless I can tie them to the pram 🤔). If you qualified, do you think I'm eligible or am I wasting my time? I don't really know what we'll do if I don't. I guess I'll have to tether all of my kids to me if I have to take them out. Like dog walkers with their many leashes.


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There's no harm in trying. You definitely sound like you qualify. Good luck and I hope your circumstances get better babe xx

I qualified and all I wrote was my baby and I are sick.with bronchitis.

I qualify. I'm a severe chronic asthmatic. I most likely won't survive covid. All you can do babe is just apply for it. They ask for documentation to support your claim. I haven't used it yet but it's nice to know I can. Good luck xx

I don’t know but I think you should definitely be allowed to use this service.