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Customer Reviews for The Lady Shake Weight Loss

If you have personal experience with The Lady Shake weight loss shakes - please share it here!

by SAHM Staff Report

Answers (2)

In all honesty the healthiest shake I've found is from the healthy mummy. I compared all the damned products and this was the highest protein, lowest sugar etc etc. I did try optifast but it had more sugar, less protein etc etc.

I used it for a month, kind of get used to the taste eventually.
Weight wise it did not assist me (also exercised in conjunction with it)
As for feeling full - full for maybe a halfa after having it than starving.
Fkn exppensive

Those were all the negatives but the positives were-
A) WAYYYYY less sugar than all the other diet shakes
B) More nutrients and actual good stuff than other brands

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