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What do you like about your job ?


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I love that I have qualifications and when a workplace turns toxic or is I can just pick up my stuff and leave. It gives me great satisfaction, respecting myself and my values.

 That's pretty motivational! I think I need to go back and qualify for something new....x
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Age carer. Love working with people. But it's really stressful sometimes as there are people who have needs and never enough carers to give them what they want when they want! That bit sucks, but I wake up happy to go to work everyday

I'm a SAHM and I love spending my children's first years with them and raising them myself, being able to be there for them every day and not have to hand them off to strangers

I work with nice people and I’m happy with my pay - but the worm itself is stressful and I feel it is taking over my life. I’m looking to change careers.

 Work not worm.
Worms seem pretty chill

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 Haha worms!! I was thinking of vets and intestinal worms
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I’m out in the sun, I’m in control, and I don’t have to deal with adults (much) only kids-who are awesome, I work from home and I have a year round tan because of work. My job is important to the community and I like that it injects me into the community.

I love my jo if you can’t tell lol