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Welfare check

Have you had anyone call the police to do a welfare check on you or you asked police to do one for someone ?


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My sister was in an abusive relationship and told me she was going to tell her boyfriend she wanted to break up. She already had a DVO against him previously and he was coming down hard off drugs. He is a murder waiting to happen.

That phone call with her was late afternoon Monday. I didn't hear from her that night or all of the next day, couldnt get through to her, no replies to my messages. I called the police about 4-5pm Tuesday for a welfare check telling them about DVO and abuse history and that she was breaking up with him etc. they got to the house around 11am Wednesday!

Luckily she hadn't had the conversation yet and all was fine, but too bad if she hadve been in trouble when I called the police the night before because she would've been cold by the time they got there.

Absolutely not good enough.

 Unfortunately there are too many scenarios like this for police to deal with. Sometimes family should get off their arse and check too. Like you should have. It's not the police's fault that people make bad choices.
When the fk will people take responsibility for their own situations??? Enough is enough. The police can't do everything and be everywhere. The police can't mop up the mess after every person who shacks up with a shit person.

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 And she stayed because .....?
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 She stayed because she was too scared to leave...
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 If I wasn't on the other side of the country I would've been there, believe me. But thanks for your input.
And sometimes you don't know someone is crazy until you've moved in together. That's how they work... suck you in until you're in a position where you can't leave.
But thank you for your considered, empathetic opinion on our traumatic experiences.

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My ex used to ring the police all the time to do welfare checks on the kids. That was a control thing because I had stopped sending them to him after he threatened to kill them. It got to the point that the police would just ring me and ask "you haven't killed the kids in the last 2-3 days have you?" It was ridiculous. Thankfully he stopped after about 4 months and we haven't had to deal with him in over 2 years now

 😂 I’m just imagining this phone call

“Hey Sharon, it’s senior constable Snow here. How are you going? The kids still alive? You planning on murdering them today?”
“With the mess they’ve made of the toilet paper I considered it but then realised I would have to clean that up still and some blood too”.
“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Have a good couple of days, speak to you Friday”
“You too. Tell Kylie and the kids I said hi”

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Once my neighbors called the Police after hubby and I had a big fight. It was really embarrassing but at least they cared enough to make the call. Close proximity inner city living at its finest!

A cow who works with my husband fell in love with him. She kept calling him saying she was going to kill herself if he didn’t go round to see her. Said she had the noose set up ready to go. Twice he went to her. The third time he was a long way from her house so he called police to do a welfare check on her and they turned up within ten minutes. When I found out how involved her was with her I told him I wanted a divorce and took off in my car. He had a tracker on my phone that I didn’t know about so he knew where I was. ( at a friends). He called police to do a welfare check on me. I was mortified. They asked me so many questions. Wanted my full name and kids full names. I told them nothing was wrong, I was just leaving my cheating husband. They said they had to make sure I wasn’t going to kill myself and that I was in a good state of mind. I reckon my husband called the police on me to show that he was just caring, and that’s why he called them for his “friend”. Di*****d.

I called a welfare check on a friend who had made a comment about committing suicide, the police responded quickly, within half an hour and suggested they go to the hospital for a check up. They were very good about the situation. I'm guessing if they had other priority calls that night they would have not been so prompt in attending.

I had a friend who used to do this to her ex every time he had their children. She did it in a hope to get full custody. Her reasons were unjustified and the police eventually started taking their time with going to do the checks, then reminding her that they aren’t there to play games for family court.

It’s hard they very rarely do now due to it being abused.