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Have you ever been ghosted?

Who did it? What were the circumstances? How did you deal with it?


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Yep, 6 weeks pregnant with his baby, a baby he insisted on us trying for.

 Shit babe. All the best to you and bubs 💜
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 Thanks 😊 she is 7 now, happy, healthy and perfectly naughty! ❤️
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Yes. 6 month relationship and he just ghosted me. Blocked me off social media and my number. About two years later I saw him one day, his explanation was he was told I was cheating on him by a woman He was friends with who he then started dating. I never did cheat on him. It was the best thing in the end. I am much happier now than I would have been if I had stayed with him.

I kick a mofos a*s who tried to dump me like that. That kind of lack of respect calls for vengeance of some kind.

 That’s exactly why they do it.
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Is that when you try to contact them and they do not reply? Or you both just did not try?

 It’s when someone you’re in a relationship with, or a friend, or someone you have been dating for unknown reasons ignores you. No response to texts or messages, no answer of calls. It’s like one minute they existed, the next they don’t.
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Yes a few times ☹️ But just means he wasn’t the right guy and makes room for the right one to show up. I figured he did me a favour by not wasting a second more on him

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