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If you heard yelling/screaming from a neighbours house, would you call the police?

I’m starting to think we should be educated to? I kinda of go into quiet shock(it happened over 10years a go when it was travelling abroad), but reading about a women’s death, I am wondering if it should standard. To be honest I think I would go over in some situations, but obviously if I was scared I wouldn’t. I think that’s a little strange. Would you?


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I would, all our neighbours are so quiet if there was screaming some thing would definitely be wrong.. if they screamed all the time you'd have to listen a while and use your common sense I suppose.

 So adding to this, as mine are all quiet too, if you knew the old couple across the road normailly were quiet, and they started yelling a few things broken, you’d call? I feel I might hesitate, but going off news And everyone else I should definitely.
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There is a difference between raised voices and domestic abuse. If it sounds out of the ordinary or threatening or bad yeah I would

I have and I would do it again if I felt the situation required it.

I have called the police when there has been screaming in the street. Even if I don't have a specific house but you can hear there's clearly a violent domestic nearby. I tell them what I know and what it sounds like and roughly the street. We have a lot of homewest in the area where the are regular domestic disputes and the cars/windows getting smashed up, it's usually one of these places, police do a drive by of the area.
I don't call when my neighbours teenagers are screaming and their parents are screaming back though. Only when it sounds like real risk