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Stabbing pains in pregnancy


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Braxton hicks feels like your whole abdomen tightening, your muscles getting rock hard for a few minutes, with a bit of pain. But depending on your threshold and intensity of them, depends on how you will feel it, I have had weaker and stronger ones. I had these start around the same mark 25 weeks roughly.
I'm 36 weeks pregnant currently with my 3rd and this is the first pregnancy that I have had them. I freaked out! Lol.
I get pain in my pelvic floor, sharp stabbing pains when my little man decides to push his feet down for a stretch, he's still at a floating breech position at the moment.
I hope everything goes well for you at the doctors, hopefully it could just be some stretching out pain as well. I.e: ligament stretching as that is quiet painful.

 Mm ok don't think it's Braxton hicks then . Could just be the ligaments that sounds like the pain but one of them was so strong I had to sit for 5 minutes.
This pregnancy has just thrown me for 6 my first I just had nothing the whole time no pains no belly no sickness no nothing
This one has been eVERYTHING and now this pains :/

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 I'm hearing you!
My first I had really extreme ligament pain, and it felt almost like my appendix was going to explode it was that sharp and it was in that area. I had to sit, I couldn't move in certain directions as it hurt more and just had to sit however was comfortable.
With my second I had nothing and with this little fella, well he's just been a gorgeous bundle of surprises.
Just take it easy! :)

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Oopes I it pressed send without me pressing anything?
So I'm 24 weeks pregnant- second
And I've been having strong pains in my lower stomach
I'm booked in for the doctor but I'm just after a bit of comfort other women experienced it while I'm waiting (might not be till late this at I early tomorrow morning)
But could it be Braxton hicks?
One lasted for like 3-5 minutes yesterday and could be lessened in pain if I moved right but it was a fairly strong pain
I never had contractions with my first she was posterior and it was all in my back.
And there's pressure on my lower back similar to what I had at 38-39 weeks with 1st bun
(But the ultrasound said I was carrying really far in my back so I've put it down to that)

Could it just be Braxton hicks?

 Ive had similar and the dr said it was just my muscles expanding/stretching but definitely get the dr to have a look for peace of mind 😊
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Try doing a kick count. Drink a sweet juice then count kicks for an hour. Under 10 don't wait to see your doc. Should be around 20-40 but if bub was sleeping before it can be lower.

I don't think Braxton hicks either. isnt 24 weeks too early for them? I had them with my second from about 32 weeks and it was almost like labour. It doubled me over.

What you are describing could be anything. If you have no bleeding/discharge (I'm thinking broken waters) and you're still getting regular movement I wouldn't be too concerned.

Sounds like you uterus stretching. It may happen again around 32 weeks. Try to relax, a warm bath can help. See your dr for confirmation.