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Chrisco ?

Anyone do it? I'm going to get my teens Samsung phones for next Xmas using it. I'm nervous though.
Who else does Christmas shopping this way?


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I’ve never done it myself, but have been gifted a crisco box of food by a family member. Personally I would rather set up a direct debit into a separate savings account and then buy items myself. But I understand that for some, it’s a challenge not to dip into that Christmas money throughout the year so paying it straight onto a crisco gift would be better.

Don't bother. You end up paying heaps more for everything with no choice of items in the "bundles". You're better off putting money aside for Christmas/birthdays etc. Chrisco and others like them are a big rip off.

Ive heard a few horror stories, just make sure yiu can afford the payments.

Just remember to check if the price you are paying for the phone is actually a good deal and consider whether they will still want that model of phone which will be 14 months older than it is now by next Christmas.

My parent did a few times it was well but I haven't done it